Friday, July 24, 2015

Fab Find Friday & What I'm Loving

Happy Friday!!!

It is a dark, gloomy and rainy Friday here in Florida. Which for work today can mean a busy day and lots of people shopping or a slow day with people avoiding the mall at all costs. Let's hope the first!

Woke up in a funk this morning. Did not sleep well at all! Went to bed late because James and I were finally finishing up the whole Series of Friends! I have seen so many of them but never the whole thing so we finally ended the series. God such an iconic show and probably one of my top 10!!! I love that Netflix had it on there and you can start from where it all began and Jesus I forgot how sad the last one was.  I cried the whole thing and SHE GOT OFF THE PLANE ❤️ puffy heart moments and feels. God I loved that show then and love it even more now.

So we were up late and then our neighbor decided to get very drunk and being loud, like laying on the floor in front of our door loud... Ugh apartment living has it's downfalls. Needless to say we called the cops but he kept us up for some time AND James and his snoring.

So this morning when I got up I just was not having it. Wasn't feeling it and the my FitBit died. Have it on the charger and it it seems to be okay but we shall see.

So I made myself a big breakfast and a coffee and everything will be better! That yogurt by the way is delicious!!!! 3pp and I got it at Walmart and they had a ton of different flavors.

In the spirit of turning my day around here are some items I am loving this week...

I used to be a huge a Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones when I first started Weight Watchers. They were easy, planned out points meals and I didn't have to do any work, it worked great. And I paired it with a small snack. I need those small habits again and that's what I'm working towards. This one was delicious!!!

3pp and delicious!!! I loved making wraps with these!! And the brand is one I truly love.

Used it with Peanut Butter and Banana yesterday! Kept me full till almost 130!!


Damn you seasonal favorites! I get them all the time!! This one isn't as strong in flavor as the banana but still tasty. 4pp

I am showing some decent self control having these in the house this week and I haven't been going for them as I do with the dark chocolate almonds. But these are so good!!

Oh Fiber One I love you so much!!!

Bubba approved too! I had to get a second box for him ❤️

I dunked this in my chocolate cashe milk!!! Holy hell of a party in my mouth!!

Target for the win! These are dangerous to have around for me though! They are small but oh so mighty!!!

So yummy!! Light and poppy!! 4pp

Saw at TJMaxx

My mom gave me a gift card and I put it to good use at TJMaxx! I love there house department so much. I could crazy in there!! I did a bit lol! Got all of this for 24.88! And I want to start getting loose tea! Any recommendations for where to get it from?? 

Those are some of my Fab Finds and what I'm loving lately!!

Any new thugs your loving??