Thursday, July 2, 2015

Back From Vacation Rambles

Holy Canoli it is July!!!!

July 2nd to be exact.

Where has the time gone, seriously??!! We are now over the half way point of the year...

BUT, I like taking my time through July.

July is a fun month for me, it is the anniversary of my Blog, woohoo AND it is my 30th Birthday this month.

Okay that alone is a celebration for a whole month haha!

I can not believe I am going to be 30. 30!!!!!

I remember as a little girl, imagining what life would be like at 30, not sure but 30 always seemed like such a huge age and now that I am approaching it in 16 days, yeah it kind of is...

But that will be a post all its own.

I wanted to just shoot a quick and informal post about my lifestyle while I was on vacation and the gain I had. Yup, I had a gain. Not as big as I thought, which is a bonus, but a gain.

I wasn't going to weigh myself when I got home but I did. It disappointed me for sure, I was up 5 pounds. A lot of it had to do with traveling, I retain water when flying and a lot was the food choices while I was on vacation for sure. Now I did weigh myself but I didn't put it in my tracker with WW. Because I weigh in on Saturday and by an act of God, I am hoping to shave a bit of that off by then lol.

BUT I will weigh myself on Saturday and track it. I had an amazing time, I had pizza, fried chicken, ice cream, s'mores, lots of cheese and snacked on chips and salsa a bunch. I swam and either ran or walked every day except for Wednesday and Monday. That is pretty impressive for me on vacation, especially since my ankle injury.

And then there was the beer. I am normally not a beer drinker, I like wine and have found my way to mixing flavored water and vodka recently BUT something about being on the lake with my family and cold Bud Light Lime, man those things were going down like water. Which FYI Bud Light Lime is my favorite beer!! And the best kicker is I enjoyed myself and I knew when to stop and switch to water. I limited myself and when I felt I was getting bloated, I moved on. And that is a win.

I made good choices when I could and enjoyed the flavors and foods I don't normally eat. I am proud of that 5 pound gain, you know why because I didn't cry over it, I didn't get upset, my clothes still fit and it is just a little set back.

And starting yesterday, I got right back on my house and dusted myself off. I started tracking again, measuring and sweating. Last night after work, I ran and walked all over my neighborhood. I just wanted to sweat, not time or pace, I just wanted to be dripping. It felt great. And tonight after work I will do the same thing.

Luckly, I am off of work this weekend. I know seriously, how can I be so lucky, that I have a job that lets me come back from vacation and then have a weekend off. I am blessed and enjoying every moment of it. We have plans for the Fourth to go out downtown, which I am excited about. A little date night and indulgence with James.

And Sunday, doing nothing but sleeping in and laying around. I need a vacation from the vacation. Saturday I am packing my day with running and grocery shopping. We little have close to nothing in the house, but I am trying to make do until Saturday lol.

I did come back from vacation with two things I didn't want...a huge toothace and my TOM. I mean really, double trouble haha!

Okay, thanks for listening to me ramble, now I have to head back to reality and get ready for work!!