Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Two Days and A Fab Find

The last two days have been tough for me to get some exercise in, life of course is getting in the way. On Thursday I planned to make it a rest day because I did 9 miles on Wednesday, so that was pre-planned. And as a fun rest day, I worked and then went to the Redskins vs. Bucs game with my love. He is a huge Redskins fan, he is fun the Maryland/DC area and Skinies are very near and dear to him. They don't play the Bucs, only once like every two years, and we went to one last year, when they were in town. So its still preseason and they were in town, so OF COURSE, we went. It was a great time. I am not a huge football fan, I prefer baseball, but it is slowly coming around to me. I love the excitement and passion my boyfriend gets from it, so I join right in.

I planned my meals for the day, knowing we would be eating at the game. I planned I was going to have a hot dog with bun, 8pp. I made sure I ate one of my Questbars before the game, and brought to the game with me a bag of grapes, carrots and a light Babybel Cheese circle. I plan to not fail with things like this. I of course drank a diet coke, a beer would have been nice and I could of had it, but they are so expensive and I would much rather use it on other things. I have no shame in my game with bringing in healthy options. This stadium had nothing good and I am a snacky, muncher person, so I have to make sure I have something on hand at all times.

Friday I planned to get a run in our something, well I was exhausted. I just couldn't get out of bed, my body was sore and I was just drained. So I slept in and then had to rush to work to do an 11 hour day. So as much as I would have loved a run, I mean really loved it, life just got in the way. Today, I planned I was going to run in the morning and then do this new Jillian Michaels DVD I bought at Best Buy. Well of course, I get up this morning, ready to run and outside it is a hurricane, monsoon rainstorm. I mean really!!!! And I will not run on a treadmill. It is just not something I like to do, I have tried, I really have and I am much more of a road runner.

I didn't want to miss out on doing nothing, so I pulled out the DVD and gave it a try. I love it!! It has two workouts. I decided to try out the first workout and make my way to the second, like the DVD suggested. I have never really tried yoga, or a yoga DVD. I am a little out of my comfort zone, I am not flexible at all. But like Jillian said in the DVD, you have to make yourself uncomfortable to be comfortable. So I threw on my shorts and sports bra, which I never work out in by itself. I moved out of my comfort zone. I really loved the DVD, I can feel it in my core now. And I was working up a sweat for sure. My back was drenched in it. I think I will use this in conjunction with my running, it wasn't too intense, it was intense but not enough to knock me off my feet. So one days, I do 3-4 miles, do this with it. I need to crank it up and put my body in shock mood and this is a great way too.

If your looking for a new way to workout, for rainy days, like mine or just try something new, this DVD is great. Most of the Biggest Loser type DVDs are really great for this. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I am working today and then buying new running shoes tomorrow, YAY!!!