Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Attack of the Snack Monster

Once again I had no clue what was going to happen at this weigh in today. I swear every week it is a hit or a miss, and well this week was a miss. I earned about 33 activity points this week and ate them all. It was attack of the snack monster this week. I was extremely snacky!!! I don't know where it came from or why, I was just very hungry all the time. And I go for the right items, apples, grapes, fruit, veggies, but man, sometimes I just want something else, so all my 2-3 point snacks were looking so good and my almonds were on point. I live up to my weight gain this week of 1.4. I know its silly, that isn't much of a gain, but you know what it is a still a gain and it takes a blow to the self-esteem at times, especially, when you know you work so hard. I have been up and down for what seems like forever now, my body will just not go beyond this 151 pound mark.

 It wants to stay this way forever, BUT what my mind wants, isn't what my heart wants. And the heart always wins. So I continue to fight, I continue to move on, I pick myself up, I track, I run and I use my points. I will not let the fact I am yo-yoing so much get me down, it is a hill, and fight now I am stuck on the side, but let me tell you when I get over this hill, I am flying down!!!

Last week 150.2
This week 151.6
Plus 1.4
Total weight loss: 82.6