Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Savings

To have a Saturday off it really is a gift. I love my job a whole lot, but I envy those that get to have Saturday's off, there is just something about having a weekend off. I have been lucky this weekend to have yesterday, today and tomorrow off. It is rare in retail to be able to have something like this, so its like a vacation for me. Yesterday was my long run day, followed by house cleaning, today was my gym morning and coupon shopping and ended with a perfect dinner and a movie with my love and tomorrow is a morning run and then being half lazy and doing laundry all day. Great weekend off, but next time I really need some beach time I think.

Since I am off I get to wear color!! At work our dress code is black, white or gray, so when it is a day off I splash myself with some bright. Loving the combo today of my attire. And loving how my body is looking and feeling. Confidence is really showing through.

Today I planned to use some coupons I had burning in my pocket and on my phone. As much as I dislike going to the mall on my day off, I knew I wanted to take advantage of some savings. I like to believe I am a pretty good bargain shopper and I rarely buy anything full price. I carry a coupon book with me at all times, I have SnipSnap on my phone and various other coupon apps, I save coupons I received from other transactions, so on and so forth.

I planned today to venture to Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, GNC and Plato's Closet for coupons I had.

Bath and Body Works, I picked up two candles, which I am a die hard Yankee Candle girl but Bath and Body Works sometimes has a better deal so I cheat every now and again, like today. There 3 wick candles were on sale for 2 for 22 and I had a 20 % off coupon, which brought them down to 18.00 for the 2. Then I picked up a Pumpkin hand sanitizer for work that was 5.50 and I got it for 4.80 with my other 20 % off coupon. Bath and Body Works are great with coupons. Take the survey one they give. 10 off of 30 is great and they never expire, which is perfect for Christmas, or I like to stock up on candles with them! Hoping the sale is still next week, I can use some more and use my coupon.
I picked Pumpkin of course, I guess I am missing home a bit. They both smell great!! The candles burn very nicely. Kept the Pumpkin Cupcake in the kitchen and Blueberry Pumpkin in the living room.

Victoria's Secret was next. I had received in the mail 4 free panty coupons, not knowing if I could use all 4 in one transaction or not, I gave it a chance. Sure enough I could, so I got 4 pairs of underwear for free. I get double because I always give our house phone number when they ask and always give my email and such. Hey it pays off, and if its free it is for me.

GNC was next. My mall sent me a coupon for a free Quest Bar and a BOGO free Lean Shake coupon. I have tried their Lean Shake powder before but never the shakes in a bottle, so I was all over these coupons. I love Questbars!!! Also before going in I searched on SnipSnap for more GNC coupons and found a 10.00 off of 20.00 coupon, my favorite. I stocked up on my 2 favorite Questbars, White Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which were also Buy 3 Get One Free. My whole transaction came to 13.84!!! I got 3 free Questbars and a free shake, big score!! And they say eating healthy is expensive.

Before I left the mall to go to Plato's Closet, I swung by Chick Fil A. The one in our mall gives out coupon discount cards to mall employees, it spotlights a different item each month that you can get for free. August was a free 8 piece nugget meal. I thought why the heck not, I am not always a big Chick Fil A fan, I don't share the same views as them, but I have realized it is the company, not the people who work at the restaurant themselves and our is extremely nice. So I got my free 8 piece and took it home. I put it over a bed of salad, drizzled some Hot Sauce and Fat Free Blue Cheese and had homemade Buffalo Chicken Salad for free!! The nuggets are only 7 points too, not bad at all! And they are super yummy.

Plato's Closet is outside of the mall and one of my favorite places to shop. They are a consignment type of store, where they sell gently used name brand clothing and you can sell the same of your own. I use them quite frequently because it is great place to get inexpensive clothes and since I am always changing sizes, it is great way to not have to spend a lot, plus I sell back the ones I grow out of. I have a punch card with them and had earned 20 % off an item. I found a Black Nike Workout Dry Fit shirt for 6.00, got it for 4.80 with discount, cant beat that. Then the other two purple shirts were on clearance, which meant take an additional 50% off. One was 2.00 and the other 3.50 after discount. We can wear purple at work this month! Everything came to 11.00! LOVE IT.

Then I capped off my awesome day off with a dinner to Pollo Tropical and a movie, The Butler with my love. The Butler was an amazing movie!!! Truly fantastic, heart warming and I cried, I cry at everything. And I had awesome company.

Best Saturday in a long time! Hope everyone had a great one too!!!