Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fab Find: Aldi Fit & Active 14 Calorie Bars

If you live near an Aldi, stop everything and go to one now!! I am a big fan of the grocery chain.  They are very inexpensive, they have some named brand stuff, and carry this line called Fit & Active that has a lot of low calorie, fat free, reduced fat, Weight Watchers friendly products. A lot of the line mimics name brand items, just with their brand on it, and for practically half the price, you can not go wrong.

Some things I have learned with Aldi is you will not always get the same item again. So if you love something be willing to wait it out and keep checking back in with them to see if it will pop up again. Or stock up the next day and different Aldi's will carry different items at times. Bring your own bags and boxes, they do not bag for you. To use a cart, bring a quarter, it holds the cart for you, its to keep the parking lots clear of carts, I do believe. They don't accept coupons and just check the produce when you purchase, just to make sure there aren't any spots, etc.

I check out Aldi every now and again and yesterday I went in to do some grocery shopping. While filling my cart, I found this awesome item. Since it is still summer, ice pops are a great cool treat. These are 14 calories, SCORE!!! One bar is ZERO POINT PLUS!!!!! You can up to 4 for 1 Point!! 4, wow!!! There are 3 flavors, cherry, orange and raspberry and each of them are swirled with vanilla ice cream. The flavor as the taste like Italian Ice. They are really good!! I enjoyed the cherry one and it was a perfect treat for zero points.


The picture of the ice pop is half of the pop, the top half broke off when I took it out of the packaging.