Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fab Finds: Weight Watchers & Big Lots Products

A couple of call outs on these 4 pretty awesome products. The Weight Watchers one are new items at my Weight Watcher store location, a Sweet Hazelnut Latte mix and a Roasted Almond Sensation mini bar, 2pp each. The latte I am very excited about trying, thinking about mixing in with my coffee, or making a coffee smoothie out of it. The Planters Nutrition I have been wanting to try forever, but it was always so expensive and didn't see worth the price. It is very high in points for my liking, for 2 tablespoons it is 5pp. I plan on using 1 tablespoon which is only 3pp. And I am using int on my light bread tomorrow morning before my 9 mile run for some extra energy. The Fiber One 90 Calorie Lemon Bars are AHHHAMMZING!!! I love these bars. I picked them up because you get 38 of them for 6.00! Great deal. I seriously love Big Lots for reasons like this, I can find and try items without breaking the wallet and get things I love for the same scenario. If you don't have a weight watchers store near you, try emailing the company, they might be able to work something out for you!!