Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivational Monday: Overslept

This morning I planned I was going to get up and get going. I was going to cook a really great breakfast, well it was going to be a waffle with some turkey sausage, sit down with coffee and write a great blog post about Monday motivation and the impact of music. Well, as you can see the time stamp it is now 10:43 pm and I am now just getting to my computer. I overslept this morning, I just kept hitting that glorious snooze button, actually it was more me just resetting the time over and over. By the time I finally got up, I had to kick it into overdrive and get ready for work. I didn't even get to sit down and enjoy my breakfast. I cooked a bagel and spread it with some Earth Balance Peanut Coconut Spread and grabbed my coffee to go.

Why is is some morning I get up with such gazelle intensity and others I can barely make it out of the bed without throwing myself off the bed onto the floor to wake up.

So my whole Motivational Monday, wasn't very motivational. But regardless I did have a decent day. After work, I literally raced home to get into my running gear, I wanted to run no matter what. But like all things on this glorious Monday, as I put on my gear the lightening and thunder and rain came. So without thinking or anything else, I drove myself to the gym and got on the Cross Trainer and pushed out 45 minutes. I wanted to make sure I didn't walk back in my house because I couldn't run and give up. I forced myself, I became my own motivation. And you know what it felt pretty great!

So regardless of my Monday not being how I orginally wanted it to be, I made it the best it could be. And my motivational music post, oh that is coming soon don't you worry!!