Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

Happy 4 year Florida Anniversary Day to me!!! 4 years ago, I arrived here in Florida with my whole life packed into my dad's truck and my car. It took us 2 days to get from NY to FL and it was an awesome trip that my father and I took together, it actually was our last big vacation together, even if it was for a few days. After moving down here life was fantastic! But the big problem was we ate out all the time. I was working two jobs, living paycheck to paycheck and had a huge appetite for anything and everything and with commuting and living downtown with food at every corner, I took it all in. ALL IN!

Within a year of living down here, I probably packed on close to 30-40 pounds. I was at my heaviest I had ever been. My shoe size was increasing, shirts were too tight and pants ribbed within two wears. I wasn't miserable or unhappy. I was just adjusting to life. Coming out of college only a year prior, I packed on a lot of weight then too. I didn't know how to eat right, I didn't understand portion control. I figured a salad was a good option but then it would be smothered in dressing, cheese, bacon, etc. I never ordered a healthy choice, I ate frozen meals all the time, at least a bag for just my serving. I just liked to eat, I didn't understand how to eat.

In January 2011, I joined Weight Watchers. And then my transformation began. It was easy and it was fun, and the satisfaction everything else that came with it was something I had never experienced before. I loved the feeling I was getting, the inches coming off and the way I saw myself. Its been 2 1/2 years. And I have never felt, looked or been happier in my whole life.

I was looking at old pictures I had in albums on my Facebook last night, and came across this picture. It was taken the day my boyfriend and I signed our lease for our first apartment together. It was a great day! We were happy, tired, and excited to start our apartment life together. In the picture I am the biggest I ever was. At that time, I had no clue how big or bad I was. I know I didn't feel great, I was tired all the time, no energy and just beat. I thought it was because of work, stress and moving, but looking back I can see it was the weight.

I was so heavy in the face, I can't even tell that is me. My cheeks, eyes, everything just puffy. I look at that picture and smile because it just shows how far I have come. I am not your typical weight loss story, I didn't hit rock bottom or I wasn't depressed, I was just fed up. I didn't like not having clothes, I didn't like feeling like crap, I didn't like how my life was going. I still thought I was pretty and fun and bubbly. I don't look at that picture and feel anger or embarrassment. That person just needed some guidance.

The picture on the right was the day before I turned 28, just 3 weeks ago. That picture reflects who I am. I always knew this person was inside me, it just needed to shed some layers.

Now I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been, even better than I could ever imagine. I didn't even think I would get that far. It truly is amazing what determination, motivation and the willingness to never give up will do to you!!!