Monday, August 26, 2013

Motivational Monday: Running Success

This is one of my favorite running quotes of all time. And it stands so true in my life and I think in any one's life. When I am running a race, a half marathon, training or a fun run, it isn't about the race itself, its about me and what I am doing in my life this exact moment it is happening. Running puts such a clear perspective in my life, at the beginning of my run, I am running with my mind, clearing it, the second part of my run, miles 6-9 I am running with the beat, the music, the energy and the idea of it all, then the final miles, I am running with my heart, mind, body and soul. And at the end of the run, I have such a clear understanding of my time, run and life, and my life was made to run!!

Put on your shoes, grab your water bottle and get out there and see how wonderful your life really is, or better yet, how wonderful your life could be
and is on its way to being!!