Monday, August 26, 2013

Overnight Oats: Peachy Keen Caramel Dream

My obsession with overnight oats continues to grow, I literally cant stop. They are pure genius and so easy, and work so well in my life. I love LOVE the fact in the morning I can take and extra 5 minutes or more to not have to cook breakfast, it is all ready for me. Granted I would sometimes just grab a yogurt, but this is so much more than yogurt and way more filling. PLUS, my creativity is in overdrive. I love the idea I can just throw a bunch of stuff into my Mason Jar and its done and over with. More will be coming for sure! Enjoy!


1/4 cup of Old Fashioned Oats (uncooked) 2pp
1 Pineapple Greek Yogurt ( I got mine from Aldi, Chobani would work just fine) 4pp
1/2 of a medium Peach, cut into pieces-0pp
1/4 cup of Raspberries-0pp
1 tablespoon of Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almondmilk Vanilla-0pp
1 tablespoon Chia Seeds-1pp
1 tablespoon of Walden Farms Caramel syrup-0pp


Mix everything together in your tightly sealed jar, bowl, container. I have been saving my peanut butter jars for the future, hehe.

Put in the fridge for overnight and in the morning enjoy!!

Total 7pp