Friday, November 1, 2013

Chocolate Almond Chia Pudding

I am a big fan of Chia Seeds! I love adding them to my yogurt and Overnight Oats and while on Pinterest one day, I found you can use them to make pudding! Well, I love me some pudding for sure and it is so easy, basically the same thing as overnight oats, but without the oats. I came up with a combination the other day and I have to say I really enjoy them. It is a lot more filling and more quantity them a regular pudding cup, which I really enjoy. Most recipes on Pinterest show more serving size, I just made mine a single serve because I know James would not be down for the seeds.

Its amazing the seeds give it a tapioca kind of texture. It is really quite good and just like Overnight Oats, the possibilities and combinations or endless.

Chocolate Almond Chia Pudding

2 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds
1 Cup of Unsweetened Chocolate Almondmilk
1 Tablespoon of Almond Butter
1 sweetener of your choice.

6pp total

Mix it all together in a tightly sealed jar or mason jar. Put in the fridge for at least 4 hours, best it is overnight. I gave mine a stir an hour after putting in the fridge and then left overnight.

I put 1/4 cup of mixed berries in the next day and some Fat Free Whipped Cream. It was so yummy, had a great thick texture and was perfect for my sweet tooth!