Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Trail Mix

So the other day I was in CVS walking around just itching to by something. I had a craving for salty and sweet, crunch, all of the thee above, but couldn't quite figure out what I was really wanting. I made my way to the nuts, chips and trail mix aisle. DANGER ZONE!!! I picked up a huge bag of trail mix, looked over the stats, put it back, picked it up again...And put it back.

I really, REALLY wanted that trail mix, BUT I know if I have a whole bag in the house, I will not just eat the serving size. I will be sitting in the dark, curled up with a literal trail of mix and a half eaten bag. Scary, scary sight. So I put it back and went on my way, never really accomplishing my craving.

The next day, I was preparing my lunch and I realized I had a ton of different almonds just hanging out. FYI I used to NEVER eat almonds, now I have probably about 6 different flavors on hand at all times. I love them! And I admit that they can be a weakness for me, but I really try to justify that they are good fat. The mind games we play.

Any who, I decided I was going to put my almonds to good use, and make my own trail mix, one I can control and measure out. The fact I have pumpkin spice almonds is the main influence of this contraction.

Thanksgiving Day Trail Mix

25 Pumpkin Spice Almonds (Blue Diamond and Planter's have a variation OR use regular almonds and sprinkle them with pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon)
1 Tablespoon of Craisins
1 piece of Dark Chocolate cut up into pieces or 3 mini baking Dark Chocolate Chunk Pieces
10 mini marshmallows
3 Pecan Halves or Walnut Pieces

Throw in a bowl or a zip lock bag.

Mix around and enjoy.

The crunch, the sweet, the salty, the tart, all mix really well. The almonds represent pumpkin pie, Craisins represent cranberry sauce, Dark Chocolate for that Chocolate Pecan Pie or Chocolate anything, Marshmallows represent that sweet potato casserole with the marshmallows on top or the candy yams, and the Pecans for Pecan Pie.

It is a Thanksgiving Dessert Table in one with way less calories.

The points really reflect the almonds you use, but for this single portion it came out to 5pp. Which may be high for a snack but it has good fats and it is a great energy boost for those longs days and that dreaded 3:00 sleepy time.

I love this because you can portion control to your liking and you wont have a huge bag hanging around taunting you.