Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, My Love

So a quick little post to declare and wish my bf a Happy Birthday. James and I have been together, officially for around 4 years, but "together" for at least 7. We are not a traditional couple, it took us forever to call each other girlfriend and boyfriend. And when he introduced me as his girlfriend for the first time, I got butterflies; who am I kidding, I still get butterflies. One thing you should know, James and I are not commitment types of people. Well, to some extent, when we first started dating, James swore up and down we would never be, fully dating, he isn't the type to be with one person, he didn't want to, etc. You get the idea.

BUT, I am persistent and adorable if I might add, and never gave up, and well we became that committed couple. But the commitment stops there. We will not be getting married and having a wedding and raising a family, all the norms. Don't get me wrong, I think that is nice and sweet and all, but it isn't for us. We are happy with what we have! We don't have to get married to be us. We just are going to be us. I say this because I hear it all the time, "When are you getting engaged? Where is the ring? When are you having kids?" It just isn't in our cards. Both of us do not like the idea of marriage and probably because we came from broken homes, mine way more messed up than his, but it works for us. We are happy, healthy and love each other, and isn't that what it is all suppose to be about.

So today, I scheduled myself off to be able to spend the whole day with him and celebrate his 29th birthday, the last year of his 20's. He isn't one to be big into celebrating, so all he wanted was a breakfast where he can get pancakes, and dinner out with his family. And that is what we did and are doing. And the in between, I just get to hang out with him and let him do his own thing, which is currently playing video games, haha. But my post was more of a letter to him, to let him know how much I love him, which I am sure he will never read this anyway.

My Dearest Bubba,
Happy Birthday, My Love. Another birthday in the books and this one signifying your last year in your 20's, its a pretty big one. Each year seems to get a little bit better, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time. In this last year alone, you have grown so much as a person and a man. You took risks with work, maybe not that the greatest of risks, but you learned from it and bounced back. You made a choice to change your lifestyle and your finances and have stuck to it and I admire you more and more everyday with that. Your so strong and funny and smart. You make me laugh everyday and stay with me, even when I am an uber devil. I love being able to spend each year with you and I know this year will be the best one yet. Wherever life takes us, or whatever we do, know now and always I will be by your side, supporting you along the way. You came into my life at the perfect point and have never given up, criticized or stopped loving me through it all, and I promise to always do the same. I hope today and everyday is just as great. Happy Birthday Bubba. Love always, your muffin.