Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pizza, Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter

I am a big snack person. I love all kinds of snacks, salty, sweet and well chocolate is my weakness. I used to be a huge fan of white chocolate, then went to milk chocolate and then when I found out all the benefits of dark chocolate, I tried and it is now my new favorite thing. I have found that I love anything with dark chocolate, especially now.

These are amazing, I got them at CVS. Dark Chocolate Almonds and Dark Chocolate Blueberry Bites. Watch out they are addicting and absolutely delicious.

After my CVS trip, I stopped by Big Lots. That store is amazing for snack items that are sometimes low in Weight Watcher points. Bring your calculator with you or use your App that way you can figure out the points before you commit to the item. I always do that and have found tons of great items there. A lot of time, the items at Big Lots are those that were sold during seasonal time, or never made it to the grocery store shelves, or were sent too many and now sent to Big Lots to be sold at a lesser cost, hello best thing ever.

I found these two goodies yesterday...

First off 1.00 Peanut Butter is always a great idea. Peanut Butter that is Cherry flavored and Chocolate, AMAZING IDEA. I really like Planter's pb because they have lots of different flavors and variations. This one was new to me and couldn't wait to try, 3 things I really love. I took it home and tried it this morning. 2 tablespoon is 180 calorie or 5pp. I only had 1 tablespoon for 3pp or 90 calories. If you can find this, go out and get it. I used it on multi grain bread, it would also be great in protein shakes or smoothies.

I also found this awesome crunchy snack. I was given these to try as a birthday gift this year. They came in a single serve snack and they are awesome. They taste just like a Pringle but just as a pretzel like stick. They really taste like a pizza too. They are a great addition to a sandwich or just as a quick snack. At Big Lots they didn't have the single sizes but I was so excited to the flavors again. I picked up the bag because I know I can divide them up and put in single serve bags. The flavor and crunch is fantastic and like a real Pringle, once you pop you can stop! So portion them out :0)