Friday, November 22, 2013

Women's Half Marathon Health and Fitness Expo

I can't believe that in 2 days is the race! I am so stinking excited, not just to run the 13.1 miles but just to be a part of the race atmosphere. Seriously, it is like a high. I love the routine, my traditions and the whole experience, good or bad. I am feeling pretty great about this race and it is just one that I am going to have fun doing. Its in my area, its beautiful running weather and the race bling seems pretty epic.

Today after work I went to the Health and Fitness Expo and picked up my race info and Goodie Bag. You get your race bib, the timing chip, which is attached the bib, your free tech shirt for the race and a great goodie bag, packed with coupons, a Women's Running Magazine, some glide stuff and a flashing strobe light, which I will so be using during my night runs now. The color of the tech tee is super cute and definitely Florida like colors. I wont wear the shirt the day of the race but after the race, I am so rocking that bad boy.

After I picked up my goodies, I walked around the Expo and checked out the booths they had. Not a whole lot, but some good ones. I of course went to the headband booths, I got a Turkey headband from SweatyBands,

for my Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving race on Thursday and I stopped at this one booth that sold inspirational shirts and magnets. James and I collect magnets, so I picked up really motivational ones and put them on my fridge to remind me everyday how far I have come. I also got a print that had a great message on it and I am going to go to Michael's this week to get a frame to frame it.

I also got some free samples from Publix; a free towel and a container to hold my snacks. Dole Dippers handed out free frozen dark chocolate banana bites, which I have already in my fridge but was a perfect hand out at the moment. I also stopped by a booth that had your write your goal on a piece of paper and then take your picture with it...

I loved this! This run is exactly that, I just want to have an amazing time and this will be my first run running with my tattoo, so I really feel like my dad is crossing that finish line with me.

Tonight I am mini carb loading, making a healthy Chicken Pad Thai. I have my food all planned out for tomorrow too. Tomorrow I carb load and fuel and drink water like it is no body's business.

Coffee with fat free half and half
Chocolate Protein Bars
Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt

Turkey on a Sandwhich Thin
Almonds with craisins and apricots

Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Meatballs
2 pieces of Garlic Bread

Oh yeah! Over my points a bit, but I mean come on I am running 13.1 the next day!!!