Friday, November 29, 2013

Kicking Off The Retail Season...

Okay well today is Black Friday, typically it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. I tend to not stress too much over this day because my business is not overly too effected by the madness of this so called day. We run a decent sale, but it is for 5 days and well no one comes running into our store for engraved gifts on Black Friday, they are looking for insane deals and well we just don't have that this day. Now come the last 10 days of Christmas, oh man does my business keep up.

But anyway it is a long day and a busy day none the less. It is a great dress rehearsal type of day for our store because it picks up so much that we can finally get in the swing of things. And after today my life is never the same for the next 27 days until Christmas, seriously!

After having an amazing turkey dinner in the crock pot last night, I know sounds strange but it works out amazing!!!

About 9 hours on low with a cup of water. Easy peasy lemon squessy!

The best ever! I will do being this more often for sure. 

Back to my coma, I passed out full and happy, only knowing I would be getting up for work in only a couple of hours. Oh wait I didn't mention James and I actually went out last night to try out Black Friday shopping. Considering we always work on the day of the event, we never get to partake in any of the deals, we decided last night to hit up Target and Best Buy. I admit there were some great deals out there. DVD box sets for so cheap, like Mad Men and The Big Bang Theory, I am sort of kicking myself right now for not getting them at 8.00 bucks a piece, but I have been DVRing all the airings in our bedroom tv, so I try to justify if I really needed it.

SOoooo instead I bought two sparkle sweatshirts, an animal print pj set, a running type of hoodie, and two animal print slippers and shoes. Totally justifiable lol.

But it wasn't as crazy as I thought it was going to be, but I guess I can say I shopped on Black Friday at midnight. Bucket list, check!

This morning I dressed in all Black to morn my life for the next 27 days and kick off Black Friday. Aren't I just so clever.

After my long 10 hour shift, which by the way I had no time to eat or drink anything. I literally only ate 2 Quest Bars all day because it was all I had in my bag, I was not prepared. I REALLY need to do better at that. I think I was just so sleepy and groggy I just grabbed whatever. But at least I had something and I wasn't running to the Food Court, I will NEVER do that.

I was feeling a little blah from the food yesterday, I made good choices, but had some weakness moments, like Almond M& M's but today I made sure I made up for it, drank water, ate just leftovers, continued tracking and never gave up.

Tomorrow is another long day of work and then right after, literally from work, I am going to my friend Jacke's wedding. I seriously need to get sleep now because it is going to be an even longer day tomorrow. I am so excited for this wedding. It is going to be beautiful and grateful to unwind with a glass of wine. Plus I am off on Sunday, no plans, so I can sleep in!

My new PJ set and slippers from last night. I believe you can never have too much
animal print and pink! Plus this set is so comfy, I think I will be living in this everyday.

If you went shopping today, hope you had great success and found lots of amazing deals!!