Sunday, November 10, 2013

Little Weekend Recap

I was off for the whole weekend from my job and it was fantastic. The beauty of it was I really had no plans, it was just a spur of the moment, whatever was going on kind of weekend off. This is my last weekend off until after the Christmas holiday, which is more like the beginning of January. I get some Sunday's off, but to have a Saturday and Sunday off, this was it. Which I am totally okay with it, its retail and I am used to it, so I make sure I rest and enjoy things I don't get to do often. Such as on Saturday, I started my day with my friend Jacke and ran downtown. It was a beautiful morning, my runtastic lost GPS for a bit, so my mileage was a bit off and there was so much going on downtown this weekend too.

RibFest was going on and at 7:00am they were cooking that amazing smelling BBQ, really hard to run by that smell and not have your stomach growl. And while we were running we found out there was a race going on, called the Mustache Dash. It looked like a lot of fun, lots of people wearing Mustaches and dressing up. It was cool to see. We actually beat them before they started racing, which is good. I have to tell you, when they blew the horn, I got such an exciting feeling in my stomach. I can not wait to run The Women's Running Half Marathon in Two Weeks, I love the atmosphere, the energy and the excitement so much.

After our run of about 5 miles, we went to the Farmer's Market. I was able to pick up some super cheap veggies; spaghetti squash, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemons and peppers. All my favorites. After the farmer's market, made my way home and got showered and ate breakfast. Then I went to Kohl's, CVS and Publix for some shopping.

Kohl's was great deal because I was able to get my Mom her birthday gifts and something for myself and saved a tons of money. Used 15.00 in coupons and a 15% off, I love a savings. And how cute are these shirts I picked up...

I love anything motivational and fun and of course that involves running. I don't shop at Kohl's often, actually only when I have a coupon, but I am happy to see these fun shirts there. I love shirts like these because they are fun and keep me motivated and inspired and they really fit my personality. The best part they were only 5.99 a piece. Heck of a deal.

After my shopping day, I went home and just chilled out. Caught up on some DVR time and actually got a nice nap in. My BF got home and we ordered in take out from Pei Wei, which is always a great idea and we just chilled out. We did make a quick trip to Sports Authority to pick up some sports beans and my BF bought me a new outfit for my Half Marathon. I will post that bad boy later on. I love nights like those, they sometimes come few and far in between. 

Today, I had originally planned I was going to do my long run. I am off again on Tuesday and thought today would be a good time to do so, but I could not get out of bed. I don't know if my mind was just shut off, but I was just so tired. I set my alarm for 6 and my mind, body and drive was just not there. I went back to sleep and slept hard. I felt great when I woke up and knew that was just what I needed, just some more rest. I have been running myself a lot lately, so I really just wanted a Sunday to sleep in. I will do my long run on Tuesday now, which is okay.

I really led a boring day today. I blogged some, if you can see my Fab Find posts. I did house cleaning, took down our Halloween decorations, put out our Christmas towels for the kitchen, did laundry and even got a 4.65 mile run in. I got caught up on my DVR and made two dishes out of my Runner's World Cookbook, post for those will be shortly. 

These are the days off I enjoy. I did spend some money I really shouldn't have but hey I don't get to do things like this often. Now I am a bit refreshed and ready to take on a long Monday, thankfully I am off on Tuesday :0)