Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Weigh In, Christmas Decorating and Half Marathon Prep

Today was a pretty busy But very productive day off. Actually each day off I have had this week as been pretty productive, I am hoping I am getting all this stuff done now, that way in December on my days off, all I have to do is just relax because sweet Santa Christmas I am going to need it.

Started the day off with my last long run before Sunday.

Had this as a fuel this morning. Held me for the mileage.

 I put in 8 miles this morning, was a little slower than I wanted to be, only about 2 minutes slower, but at mile 3 I tripped over a raised part in the sidewalk and...BAM down I went. Scrapped my left knee but all sorts of crazy, ripped a big old hole in my pants, scratched my water bottles and my hands. Luckily I didn't twist or break anything, but my knee hurt a bit and my legs and body felt sore from hard impact of the fall. But I kept going, I was not going to not finish the 8 miles. My knee is tender but I can walk and I'm going to ice it before bed and watch where I am going. I swear only me!

After that epic fail I got home and showered and had my coffee and had to take a conference call from home for work. After I got my grocery list together and went to Weight Watchers to weigh in. Not the best weigh in, was up 2.4 pounds, but I know it is because my monthly friend decided to visit. Sorry to any gentlemen who may be reading this, but hey its the truth. So like always no point in getting discouraged because not all victories are on the scale, like Hello, I am running in my 4th Half Marathon this Sunday. Oh and I had a major attack of the dark chocolate almonds and blueberry bites, not buying those again, I have no self control. Ookay who am I kidding, I'll get them again for sure, I'll just run harder lol.

After the weigh in and not feeling it, I went to CVS to use some coupons, saving money always puts me in a good mood and picked up Kelly Clarkson's Christmas CD.

 I absolutely love her!!! I love who she is, what she stands for and especially her music. I got the cd for only 7.00 bucks after some Extra Bucks I used. I needed to get in the Christmas spirit because I planned on setting up our tree today. And that's exactly what I did when I got home.

We have a fake tree, living in Florida it is way easier and the real trees are so dry from the weather, plus I have always had a fake tree growing up, I really don't know any better. I busted out our little, not so fluffy tree and got to work. I got the lights working and fluffed the branches then took my second conference call for work of the day. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, I know it will all pay off in the end. Then when the call ended did our grocery shopping, had some lunch and passed out to a nap. I was beat from being up early for the run and well it's my day off, I need a nap.

I didn't set an alarm and ended up sleeping past the time for the WW meeting. Its okay I will probably see my leader tomorrow at the weekly walk downtown we hold. I went out to dinner with James and his dad, our favorite Taco Tuesday and then we went for frozen yogurt. They had a Eggnog flavor. So sweet and yummy. I don't track 100% on Tuesday,  being my weigh in day, hey I need a break a bit but I do know all I am consuming, I am not going off the deep end. Also I went to Dunkin Donuts and got their iced Red Velvet coffee. Really tasty! I was in a big Christmas spirit today.

Now I just got done decorating our tree and our whole apartment with our Christmas decorations from last year. I have a couple more things to pick up to complete our look but its perfect. Our decorations are random, different and traditional. We have lots of hand me downs from my mom and just silly decorations, but I love it and James just goes along with it, he really could care less, he played video games the whole time while I jammed out to a Christmas Pandora station. I even turned the AC down to really cold so I could wear my sweat shirt and sweat pants to make it feel like I was back home. Oh the things I do to make it a little bit homeyier. Not even sure that is a word.

So that was it for my day off. Oh and the awesome part, printed off my conformation for Women's Running on Sunday. Got my bib number and all the race information. Cant not wait for the Expo on Friday and to get my whole packet. Even though this is my 4th race, I love it, I really hope this excitement never goes away!!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!!