Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 10 & Downtown Christmas Lights Downtown

Since I had a nice relaxing morning and afternoon, which included lots of couch time and a 2 hour nap! Woohoo! I love naps! And I think I deserve them more than I take them. I got up and went downtown to get a good run in. I wanted to go later in the day because I wanted to see the Christmas lights and tree all lit up. I mean it is gorgeous downtown anytime of year but there is a sparkle and magic in the air during Christmas with the lights, plus at amazing 75 degrees with a breeze, how could you not love it! I am truly blessed living in Florida.

I ended up getting 5 miles in, even when I stopped to take pictures of the lights and displays. I tend to not take pictures a lot when I run because I am so consumed with the pace and time and I miss a lot because of that, so today I let it go and ran and took pictures. And still managed to get a great run in!! I only walked for a bit and I actually sang while running and it is amazing when you don't take days off and have Rest or Recovery days, it doesn't even matter, I still feel great and truly am loving running.

Look at it, I have ran every day for 10 days straight now! Wow, tell that to the girl who weighed 234 pounds, 2 years ago if she would be doing that, she would have laughed and went back to eating chips with dip and soda! Amazing how one little act can change your whole out look on life.

Okay so it was a great run, I even saw my Weight Watchers group walking, I wish I could have turned around and went with them, but I wanted to get more miles in and had to run a few more errands. But I will be back walking on Wednesdays with them after the New Year for sure.

Streak Day 10: 5.00 miles
Total since December 1: 26.40 miles

Here are the cute lights I saw while running, I wish they could stay up year round...