Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 14

Happy Saturday!!!

My life is now officially in work mode for the next 9 days! My mind, body and life is all about Things Remembered, Christmas and everyones holiday, which you know what for 9 days does not seem so bad. Today I worked from 11-7, which means of course I go in earlier and get out later, like always, it is just the nature of the beast and just who I am. I got up this morning and laid in bed for quite sometime until I knew I had to get going and run.

My store actually called me and woke me up, so since I was up I got my running clothes on and set out. I knew I was going to do a small run because I was tired and my body just felt a little beat. Hey I never said I was going to do long runs, only on days I really could, I just committed to at least a mile a day. The weather was perfect this morning and after a half of a mile I started to feel really good, so I ran for 2 this morning. Not a lot, not over hard, just a nice easy two miles to get me going. I felt great afterwords and I know it is really helping with my mind frame at work.

And after my run each morning so far a cup of coffee with a light Fiber English Muffin with Almond Butter on top has been my go to meal. I am full all day at work until the afternoon and my energy is high, until about 5, then I need some coffee. Thankfully a Starbucks is right next to my store, wish it was a Dunkin Donuts but what can you do.

At work today we all dressed in Santa hats and tried to make the busy Saturday fun and festive, it worked!! Everyone was in good spirits and we had a nice and busy day. 

After work I did some Christmas shopping for James, he is so spoiled and I have gotten him everything he has asked for AND then some AND I am not done yet. I love Christmas and always go above and beyond. I just cant help it!! We decided to eat at Panera tonight for dinner because I really didn't want to cook and knew I had some stuff to do, it was quick, easy and delicious. I did the pick 2 with the Creamy tomato soup and The Roasted Turkey Wheatberry Salad, both delicious!!!

Also one little point the Advocare really came at a great time, the energy I have is great, I almost don't want to be off of it lol. But it really has changed my habits, even if the last two days I have been craving a little bit of bad food, you gotta cheat sometime. 

Now I am home and relaxing, I am seriously so tired. I almost fell asleep writing this. I am off tomorrow and doing some serious relaxation, even though we are going to a friends house for the Redskins game, which I am still up in the air about. I'm sure it is going to be a good time, but once I am home, I'm back in my PJ's with my magazines and just laying around.

Day 14 Miles: 2
Total since Dec. 1: 31.04