Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 3 and Weekly Weigh In

I have been playing around with a post title for my run streak and I am sticking with this December Run Streak Challenge, little wordy but it gets to the point, haha. So today was Day 3 and just so happens to be my day off. While I would LOVE to sleep in today, I knew I would have to run in the morning because I have some stuff going on later today which wouldn't allow me to run tonight.

So my alarm was set for 7 and I got up and got the day started. What I am enjoying about this is each day is a different mileage. I am just going out there and doing what is right for me. Since I had started running, I have always had a plan, such as today I do 5 tomorrow, I do 9, rest, etc. I love plans because I enjoy being organized but with the time of this month, plans do not happen, work happens and life. So I enjoy just being able to go out and do whatever. I am literally just going out there with my music, my feet and my heart.

I am not running with my  Gym Boss to do splits, even though I have my Runtastic app going, I am really not paying attention to the time or distance or pace. Like I said some days will be better than others. Yesterday was a good one, today was just okay. I started out great and then tapered off a bit, I listened to my body and walked when I needed it. I am really trying to run a longer distance without walking, but I am so trained from the Half Marathon splits, it is a bit difficult.

But this run streak is all about me just getting out there, being active and enjoying the reason I run. This morning I got in 3 miles. The weather was perfect and afterwords I felt refreshed and energized.

Day 3 Streak
Mileage 3 miles
Total since December 1- 8 Miles

Now on to the weekly weigh in portion I do on Tuesdays, which happen to be my Weight Watchers weigh in day. As stated I am off today, so on those days I weigh in the morning so I can enjoy the rest of my day off and move at my own pace. I haven't been to a meeting BUT I have not missed a weigh in. Next week I should be able to attend a meeting.

After my run this morning and a conference call for work right after words, I went and weighed in and to my very happy surprise I was down 1.8 pounds. I will take that as a huge win considering last week was very tough, with Thanksgiving and a Wedding on Saturday, BUT it goes to show how much Weight Watchers has taught me. I can still live my life, attend functions and still lose weight. I made the right decisions, I earned activity, I drank my water and I didn't over indulge and it resulted in a weight loss. I am very happy with that.

Down 1.8
Current weight 151.4
Starting weight 234.2
Total since start: 82.8

I am keeping that mentality all week and hoping for another good loss next week, but hey even if there isn't a loss, I know there are results beyond the scale!

Hope everyone has a nice Tuesday. I am off to run some errands and appointments and then enjoy the rest of this day off!