Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 8 and Advocare Herbal Cleanse

Well today was my day off and on days off such as these I like to sleep in as much as my body will let me, considering that the next 17 days I probably wont be doing much of it. And the fact that after today I only have 2 more full days off until Christmas. Crazy I know but I justify it that its only for a whole month and then life goes back to normal, well as normal as it could be.

Today's run I decided to do later in the day after I was done getting my errands taken care of, some cleaning and decorating and I even got in a 45 minute nap. It was really hot this morning so I am glad I waited until later in the day evening because there was actually a breeze. I got in 4.33 miles which I was so happy about because the next two days will be just 1 miler. It felt good to run the mileage without my beeper, I listened to my body and just went with it. I even took a route I don't normal run to just change things up a bit.

I was breathing heavy at one point because I found an area that actually had hills. Hills in flatland Florida are hard to come by, but just my luck I found some. But all was good. I got my 8th run in and I wasn't too bothered by it. I am running out of clothes though, lol, I have to do laundry much more often now.

I also started today Advocare Herbal Cleanse. I am not endorsed by them and this is all my own opinion. I had seen a lot of fitness bloggers talk about it recently and from previous posts, so I found it on Ebay for a decent price and got it. It is a 10 day herbal cleanse. You eat as you normally would, but trying to stay away from junk food, fried and anything in oil and drink half your weight in water while doing this cleanse. From reading it certain days you will drink a fiber drink, take a cleanse supplement, etc.

It seems easy and fits in with my life. Lets get this clear though, I am not doing this to promote weight loss or any means. Yes I have read it aids and helps with weight loss, I am doing this to start fresh and clean my system. I have trained for 4 half marathons this year, been through a lot of stress and coming into the biggest time of my life, I need a fresh start. I just want to feel good. I have been feeling bloated, sluggish and just not right a lot lately, so I am hoping this will get rid of toxins and all that yucky stuff.

I have taken a before picture, mainly because I want to see the compassion with the run streak also. It is a lot to put a picture of my stomach up here for me, but I figure I have nothing to hide, so why not. I am not ashamed of who I am or what I look like. This is me and I am a work in progress.

While I try really hard to eat clean about 80 percent of my time, it will be hard for me to do on this cleanse. But I will try my hardest to do the very best. I will stick to my 26 points on Weight Watchers as best as I can, but will being busy I know I will have to have some snacks that aren't approved or clean, but hey that's my life. And it works for me.

So all in all I think that the Advocare and the Run Streak will be a nice addition to my life right now. I need all the good vibes and added goodness to my life as much as possible. And today was a good Sunday!

To check out the Advocare Herbal Cleanse
Click here: Advocare Herbal Cleanse

It also comes in a citrus flavor
I have heard great things about the Peach, so that is what I went with, so far very tasty!

Run Streak Mileage Day 8: 4.33 miles
Total Mileage since Dec. 1: 20.07 miles