Friday, December 13, 2013

December Run Streak Day 13 Challenge

Oh man today was just one of those days. I slept horrible again last night. I fell asleep and then was woken up and couldn't go back to sleep until around 4am. I did get to watch Grey's and Big Bang Theory, which Holy hell, I can not believe Grey's!!! I do not want to wait until February!! Ahhh it was so good! And The Big Bang Theory was super cute, of course, it is my new favorite T.V. obsession.

Okay so back to my run streak. Well this morning I set my alarm at 7:00 to run before my conference call I had, and well 7:00 came and I was exhausted. So I slept a little bit more until the call. I was beat after the call, which was only 10 minutes, so I fell back to sleep for an hour more. Today was the first day I really almost threw in the towel.

BUT I didn't! I made a pact and a commitment to myself and I am holding myself accountable. I put on my running clothes from yesterday and went down the street for one mile. I was exhausted and practically sleeping while running, but I got the mile in.

And there we have Day 13 in the books. I am really enjoying this run streak and so proud that I have done it this long. It really has become a great habit and has helped my whole outlook on the day, especially at work.

Now I am snuggled up and relaxing for the whole night.

Day 13 miles: 1 mile
Total Miles since December 1: 29.04