Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 18


Another late post on my run streak, of course after a long day. I did get 1.63 miles in this morning before work. I woke up from a very strange, yet intriguing dream and couldn't wait to get my run on. But while running my dream was still playing over and over in my head. My body felt a bit stiff and tired this morning also.

Ever have those moments where you feel like your moving really fast but you aren't??

Yup that was me today. I ran just around our block, which turned out to be a nice mileage, pace and time. I felt content and good after the run and even better, it gave me time to unwind before I headed into work. I even sat down and paid some bills, ate my breakfast not standing up and made my whole lunch for work. I think I will stick with this routine for the next couple of days until after Christmas. It wasn't over tiring, I got everything I needed to get done and made it to work early.

So Day 18 is over. I am still so happy I have done this run streak, but I seriously can not wait until I can have a little rest day with no work with it.