Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weekly Weigh In and End of the Year Recap of Weight Watchers

Well my last weigh in for 2013.  I have to say it has been a pretty good year with my weigh ins, while I didn't make it to every single meeting, I weighed in every week. I never missed a week, ever!

This year was different with my weight loss. It didn't come off as quickly as the year prior and I hit a plateau a bunch of times. It seemed like every week I was down a pound, the next week I was up. I went like this all year.

But I learned the victory isn't always celebrated on the scale. The way I look and feel makes up for it. I have lost inches in my waist, arms and thighs. I have toned up a bit and I have gone down at least 2 sizes in jeans and shirts. That is pretty amazing. My body is constantly changing this year. I really thought running was going to make the weight just drop off but I never imagined it toning my thighs, calves and ankles.

I don't have cankles anymore!!!

I learned a lot in my Weight Watchers meetings. Even though some topics were repeated, you learn so much more from those around you. I became more vocal in my meetings and speaking up and bringing some awesome creations and ideas. I participated in a walking group every Wednesday and even went on days I was running.

I spoke at numerous meetings about my weight loss and how far I have come and what got me where I am.

I might a lot of awesome people who I can consider my very dear friends. I am committed to Weight Watchers, I seriously can not see my life without it. I will be on this journey forever. James jokes well why cant we just get a scale and weigh you in here all the time. And there was a moment I thought about it, but going to the meetings, having a schedule and holding myself accountable to a certain day and time, it helps me succeed. Maybe some day I will just weigh at home, but for right now this is what I need.

After my run this morning I went over to the meeting and weighed in. To my surprise I was down .2. Now .2 is not a big number at all, but it is small victory because I ate like crap this week. Considering I was so busy with work all month, when it came to Christmas and all the goodies that come with it, I indulged. I did run every day but I indulge in cookies, chocolate and a lot of sugary chex mix. I tracked but I didn't track fully.

I nibbled a lot!!!!

But a loss no matter the amount is a loss and I am grateful and holding onto that loss. BUT I am also learning from that loss that it could be a fluke. So after today because I am going to be honest, I will be enjoying some drinks and good food tonight. I will work hard to maintain for next week and maybe have another victory.

Weekly Weigh In: -.2
Since 2011: 85.6 pounds
This year alone I have lost : 4 pounds.

But this is what 4 pounds looks like...

sorry for it being blurry, but this was New Years Eve 2012

And this was just other day...

I've come a long way....