Friday, December 20, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 20 and other random thoughts

Another morning I am able to get a post up before the evening. I am so glad that I did yesterday because I got home from work around 8:15 and I was beat. I mean I came home kicked off my shoes and laid on the couch, well more like flopped. We were busy, BUT every day is BUSY, I was just burnt out. Around 4:00 yesterday I started to feel super sluggish, I needed a mid afternoon pick me up. I got a cup of coffee and spotted the most beautiful little treat. Starbucks has a two pack Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark, 1 piece is only 2pp!

It was heavenly. People were probably laughing at me because I was savoring every last little piece of that heavenly bark. I needed it! I needed some sugar, some chocolate and some coffee. I saved the other piece for dessert. I know I shouldn't get one every day but I know it is there and it is taunting me. If I eat it in moderation I am good! Anyway, I got home and passed out. I had full plans of making dinner, but well I was exhausted. And even though James and I had a bit of a fight the beginning of the week, we are back to normal and he treated to me to Pei Wei last night because he could tell I just wasn't having it.

He knows how much these days put a toll on me because even when I am not at work, I am thinking at work. I'm looking at the clock waiting for the store to close, listening to my phone for calls and messages and dreaming of customers and engraving. It is a lot on one person. Granted this is the first year I am fully staffed and ready to succeed, it is still a lot. So he knows when I am starting to crash and burn. I doubt I will cook at all these next couple of days. I will be eating soup and salad every day. The Pei Wei was just what the retail, long hours, doctor ordered. Spicy Koren Chicken with Brown Rice and a small won ton soup with a piece of peppermint bark and peppermint tea. I slept like a baby.

Due to the garbage truck and my store calling me at 7:45, I was awake and figured now get my run in. My legs were moving like cement, my heart was wanting to move faster. I walked a bit more and kept it at a slower pace and did 3 miles. It felt nice to get a little bit of a longer run in. But I can tell I am starting to get tired. I am ready for December 25, not only because it is Christmas but because I can sleep in a bit and not worry about work and can run later on and relax my legs for a bit. BUT I am determined I will finish this run streak until January 1st.

It has been making a big impact on my life for the better. I do feel healthier, stronger, and I am sleeping better than I ever have been.

Since I got 3 miles in earlier, I was able to sit down and enjoy a great breakfast. I made an egg white pattie with a turkey sausage, a slice of fat free cheese, some avocado and slice of tomato on a light fiber English muffin. It was delicious. A perfect start to my day, I made one for James too.

Now I am ready to take on the day! Another long one!!

Day 20 Miles: 3 miles
Total since December 1: 42.54 miles