Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 29

Today wasn't much of an exciting day at all. It rained this morning so I put off raining until tonight. Then when I finally got home from work I was exhausted, I don't know if it was the weather or everything is catching up to me, but I needed a nap. So I took one and I was knocked out.

After my nap it was dark out but the rain stopped so I went for a quick 1 mile run. It felt like just a mile too, I was having complications with my pants falling down and it was dark. I was trying to focus on the road and not trip. It just wasn't a good run, but I got it over with and done with. Tomorrow I am going to run after work again because I have more time after work I believe. I raced today because I thought James was coming home from work and we were going to eat and everything but it turns out he met up with friends. We are in a funk I think.

Some days we are great and then some days we are just not so great. I know he had a bad day at work and I just cant handle negative people. And he can get so negative. It just isn't in my nature, so I remove myself from the situation and I think I am going to do that by going to a movie.

I made some really yummy turkey chili that I am about to dig into and doing some laundry and then I will head to the movies. I don't mind going alone at all. I actually enjoy it. I am independent and I can sit in a dark room alone with other people just fine. I really want to see Saving Mr. Banks and I have  a free movie coupon to use. I will even sneak in some fat free popcorn to seal the deal.

I probably wont get home until late but hey you only live once right. Plus tomorrow should be a quick and easy day at work, that's what naps and coffee are for anyway.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday and enjoyed it.

Day 29: 1.00 mile
Total since Dec. 1: 66.94