Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 25: Merry Christmas

Okay so this post will be short and sweet, because we are about to go grab some food and later I have a nice post reflecting Christmas I want to write, but for now I have to get my Run Streak on.

Well much to my surprise I was given an amazing running accessory for Christmas, I secretly was wishing for....

Woohoo!!! My running watch and in pink!!!!! I looked online and they seemed sold out, but I asked James awhile ago and really didn't think I would get it. He is the absolute best and I cant imagine a better and bigger supporter in my life than him. He treats me like gold and supports my healthy lifestyle and running, it really, truly makes me the luckiest girl on the face of the planet.

So I waited to get my run streak on until after our lunch and a long winters nap I took. I was just beat, but when I got up I was ready to run. I grabbed my phone and my new watch and hit the street. I still used my Runtastic app because it alerted me at each mile and I wanted to compare the two, the Garmin was definitely more on point. I loved the watch, it is simple, and fits great, light weight and made me feel like a true runner. It also has the run/walk alerts you can set, which is awesome!!

The pink color of course is so me. After my run, I was able to save the history and I set a new record and fastest mile, of course considering it was my first time I had great results.

I got in 4.03 miles.

I had a nice, easy pace and run. Nothing too hard and the weather was perfect. I ran down some streets that had beautiful Christmas lights and I listened to my Christmas Pandora station. It was a great way to get exercise in on the holiday. 

I seriously can not wait to run more with this watch, I am so blessed.

Day 25: 4.03 miles
Total since December 1: 55.90 miles