Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Run Streak Challenge Day 19

My foot is literally out the door but I took 5 minutes to just sit down and get my run streak post in before I have to head to work. All this week I am blessed with working the 11-7 shift, well more like 1030-830 or something like that, but either way it makes it a tad bit easier for me to run. I got up at 8:15, woke up a bit, put on my running clothes and headed down the street. I was having wardrobe malfunctions this morning, my pants kept trying to fall down in the back. As much as that excites me, it was chilly and I really didn't want to give those driving by a big old show of my booty. I managed to get them to stay and got 2 miles in before I had to head back inside and get ready for work. My right calve has been feeling very tight. I think because I am on my feet all day long and in flats, my legs are never resting.

So I got my run in this morning, showered, dressed, sat down with some Chobani and granola and my cup of coffee and had some ME time.

Now onto the craziness that is my job!!!

Day 19: 2 miles
Totaly 39.54 miles since Dec 1

Remember 6 days until Christmas and 5 shopping days left!!