Sunday, December 29, 2013

A rainy Sunday Morn

Well its early for me this Sunday morning and when I woke up to my surprise it was raining. I was all set up for my Day 29 run streak, even had my clothes laid out, but it was super windy, cold and rainy and well I just was not having it this morning. I know I know its only rain and I will sweat anyway, BUT I HATE running in the rain. I have gotten stuck in rain storms, one too many times, I will wait until after work today to get my run in. It will probably be a small and quick one, but I will get it in.

So after I woke up I of course tried to go back to sleep and gain a couple of more minutes but my brain was up and thousands of things started running through them this morning. Very random things, such as...

I really need to do my laundry, it just keeps piling and piling up and even though I was off this weekend, I neglected it. I did get two loads done, but I was having a much better time off, shopping, blogging, and running. I mean aren't days off suppose to be that way.

I am very happy that I have lots of other days off this week, so I can do that, catch up on house work and possibly start taking down the Christmas decorations. I want to keep the tree up until after the New Year, we always did that at my house, I want to keep the tradition the same.

I am renewing my Runner's World subscription today. I can not live without that magazine and thinking about signing up for Women's Running also. Another great publication. Its funny my magazines I get now are Women's Health, Fitness, RW, Self and About You, all deal with healthy, beauty and running. Before it was Rachael Ray and Cosmo. My have my thought process and likes have changed. I was thinking about getting WW too, but I can buy that easily at my meeting location, I would rather give them the business.

Speaking of WW, I am debating when to weigh in, it usually is Tuesday's but because of my crazy schedule I weighed in on Monday last week, so I will have one extra day to make a difference. I hope I am down just a bit this week, but I will not be surprised if I am not. I have eaten a lot of snacks lately. Trail mix, chocolate covered pineapple, couple of desserts at Christmas, some gingerbread, low fat egg nog and we ate out a bunch this week, Chinese and Chipotle. I have ran every day and I am drinking water, but I am not sure that will help. These next few days I am really focusing. But if I am up, I am up! I can knock it down next week.

James and I had a great night last night. We were going to go to the movies but he was exhausted from work, so we went to Chipotle, I told ya, I am loving it lately and then some grocery shopping. I had to drag him there but we made it through. Then we received the Hangover 3 in our Netflix, so we watched that. All of our shows are off until February so we have been watching lots of movies, which is nice. I love nights in with each other. We are thinking about seeing American Hussel tonight. I love Jennifer Lawerence and Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper and the era it is placed in. I am hoping I get out of work early today so we can see it and I am still able to get a run in.

I am super excited for New Years this year. I know the same old thing, new beginnings, letting go of the past, fresh start. Yes I am excited for all that, but I just love the new year, new things to look forward too. And I have a blog post coming up of not just resolutions but goals and bucket list items I want to do. Just things I want to do this year more of.

Oh and plus on New Years Eve and Day, SciFy runs a Twilight Zone marathon all day long. I love the Twilight Zone marathon. I am totally fine with placing myself in front of it all day long and watching it, even if I have seen practically every one. It never gets old for me.

Well now that I have gotten all my random thoughts on the screen, I am not going to enjoy my breakfast and coffee and head to work.

Two things making me smile this morning...

My Princesses wear Running Shoes shirt from James's mom


New Greek Yogurt from Yoplait that is only 2pp. It is very good. Sold only at Target.

Talk to you later about Day 29