Saturday, October 4, 2014

7 Days!!!

7 Days from the end of today, I will be running my FIRST FULL MARATHON!!

Actually this day next week, I will be picking up my bib, packet, shirt and info at the Race Expo. And probably a lot of other goodies. They said they would be selling race appeal. I will be buying everything and anything. I am taking 100% advantage of this whole experience. I know the expo will be quite small in comparison from the other Expos I have gone too, but non the less it will be everything and anything to me.

James and I are so excited for our trip. We talk about it all the time. The great thing is we are going together. We are experiencing all this together. And we are making a vacation out of it too. We are seeing our college friends, my family and friends, going to Philly for a day, we are kind of going home for us. Where it all began in our relationship. Aww, I get chills thinking about it.

Each day is so different for me this week. I got in my 15 miles of running. Yesterday, I got my 2 miles in to complete it. It felt so weird just running 2 miles, but I am glad I got up and got it done because I definitely didn't want to run after work last night, I was exhausted. This morning I woke up with some lower back pain for all the moving we did the last 3 days, non stop and it was raining when I got up. I was not going to run on the dreadmill.

But this morning has been a nice rest morning. I got a load of laundry done, not put away yet, but done, baby steps. I was craving milk and cereal too this morning. Carbs have been my enemy and friend this week. I have been really craving them, but in moderation for sure. Next week, Thursday-Saturday and even Sunday, I will be all about them. Big sandwiches for sure. I am trying to stay light this week, until I weigh in on Wednesday. I know I will gain next week, from the carbs, I don't want to gain twice, you know.

Once the marathon is over, I have to go back to just sticking to my 26 points on Weight Watchers. Back to not eating over the points. My hunger shouldn't be too crazy, since I wont be working out as much and back to one cheat day a week. I am having a lot of mixed feelings with Weight Watchers and want to try a different method, but thinking that I just want to end the year on a positive note, stick with it until the end of the year and then try something new. Still counting, but macros, which I have heard, is very similar to Points Plus. But that is a long ways away.

Right now it is all about the marathon and what is going to fuel and get me across that finish line, healthy, happy and strong.

Alright, a busy work day today consisting of a closing shift. Have a happy Saturday!!