Thursday, October 30, 2014

Catch Up on the Week

Good Thursday Morning!!

One I can not believe that it is the end of the month already, one more day to go and October is over with. Geez where did it all go??!! But I have to say October has been my favorite month of the year!! As you can imagine.

I am off from work today, which I am extremely excited about. It has been a rough week and like of course mentioned before, it is only going to get tougher, especially next week. I am traveling for work a bunch next week, which a 8 hour work day, turns into 10 hours, for 3 days straight. I will be really forcing myself to get my runs and work outs in. Which by the way are doing okay.

I rested on Monday, after my overaly stressed day and then Tuesday, I had a long work day and when I got out of work, seriously all I wanted was a nice glass of wine. I tell ya, for going months with very limited drinking occassions, now I am really enjoying a glass of wine after work. Listen, I have no shame in admitting, this might just get me through the holidays.

I met James at CD Roma's for probably the best sangria I have ever had. I mean, I couldn't stop drinking it. It was phenominal. It is 9:00 am and I am wanting one now.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere right?!!

I kid!!

I went to Weight Watchers actually before meeting up with James, so I could weigh in. I have moved my weigh in day back to Tuesday, since that normally is my rest day, since I don't have to run a ton of miles on that day anymore. The meeting time isn't until 7:00 pm. Which kind of sucks, because I usually get out around 5ish and have to wait another 2 hours to weigh in and of course, I am usually starving in that time frame. But I sucked it up and waited.

I lost 2.6 pounds. I can not tell you how happy that makes me feel, considering Aunt Flo was here to visit and my snacking was all over the place at times. I know my metabolism took a distract change when I marathon trained, so it is still hard to keep that snacking at bay. I can say, there are days, I am hungry all the time, like yesterday.

But I will take that 2.6 lost as a huge win. I really just want to loose a little bit each week. I am not looking for huge losses or distract ones, I just want to get back on track. And I am really feeling like I am these days. I have been listening to my body when hungry and saying no, when I really do not need anything. I am slowly getting back into my running and work outs. Well, to be honest, it has just been my running lately, I am going to add more cardio and weights this coming week.

My running has been getting faster and stronger. Last night I ran 3 miles and I actually ran the whole 1.5 without doing any of my walks. Pretty happy with myself with that one. I ran after I got home from work, it got pretty dark quick, but it was nice to run in the twilight, that wasn't a god awful early morning. I love night running, because it gives me a boost in the evening and really helps me sleep.

I am still having some calf pain and strain, but working through it and resting when I can. I went all through marathon training with no injury, no point in hurting myself now. I do have a little bit of a Post Marathon, Post any Race blues. This time last year, I was training for the Women's Running Half Marathon, so I was consumed with that and well we know all the training I did this year. So it is hard for me to not have a goal or race in mind. I do have the back to back Gasparilla distance classic, 4 races, 31 miles in February, it seems far away, but really isn't.

I won't be able to really concentrate on that race until right after Christmas. But I am happy to say I will be doing the Thanksgiving until New Years Runners World Running Streak again. I loved running at least one mile every single day. It really helped with my state of mind and mood and even weight loss. So I guess for now, I can just enjoy it.

I am sure your getting sick of hearing me say that over and over. But believe me, it is weird not having anything going on. I complained that I had too much, now not enough lol.

Also I won a 50.00 gift card to Victoria's Secret through being an Influenster!!! How amazing is that! I got it from the VoxBox of the Victoria's Secret SportsBra one I was in. I can't even explain how awesome that is. I am really hoping I get it before Black Friday, so I can treat myself to a pre Holiday treat.

So that's where I am at this week so far. I am off today with the lover and we are going to see a movie, some grocery shopping and probably an afternoon nap!

Happy Thursday!!