Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Smiles

Happy Sunday Morning!!!

It feels amazing again, sleeping in a bit and just brewing a cup of coffee and relaxing in my Pj's! I love my Sunday morning long runs but I am really enjoying these easy Sunday ones too. James and I even sat on our back porch this morning and had coffee together. We have never been able to do that!! It's these little moments that make my heart sing!!

I will get a run in later after I enjoy my afternoon seeing a movie and a little shopping. I vowed to take at least one of my days off a week to just let myself enjoy whatever!!

Some other things that made me happy this week are...

This 5pp dessert. I sautéed some honeycrisp apples in coconut oil and cinnamon and then crumbled 

3 pretzel crips and some cool whip! Heavenly

Putting my magnets on my car! Makes me feel very bad ass!!

Still have my timing chip on my shoe. I think I might leave it on there forever!

Got a free NatureBox code and trying it out!! Those cookie crumble cashews taste awesome, going to give this subscription box a try!

Bath and Body Works have their fall items at 50% off now! Great deals on some awesome scents! 

I won this through a like, share comment post on Facebook! What awesome timing! I can't wait to wear it!

I had James go to Costco to get these for me when I saw someone posted on Instagram! You can find them only at Costco I believe! They are delicious!! I love fall BUT I LOVE the flavors and everything about Christmas!


The fact that the weather is just perfect enough that the sun is warm and I can still wear scarves!! Bring on the awesome Florida weather I love so much!