Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Taper Chronicles

Tapering this week has been pretty good this week, even with my crazy work schedule. Granted it is a very short run mileage week, but still exhausting non the less. As much as I have really loved Marathon training, I'm ready for it to be over and the day finally here. Each day I wake up with the countdown, which by the way is 9 days away!!

9 days!!! Holy crap! Single digits now, geez Lousie. My legs are feeling better when I run, the heat and humidity is still taking a toll on me, even with small runs. I just wish the heat would break a bit, but oh well, nothing I can do now. All I know training in this heat has made me such a stronger person.

To hit my 15 miles this week, I am running 4 days, I could have only done 3 if I ran a mile more yesterday and today but it was hot, I was tired and just didn't want too. So tomorrow before work I have to run 2 miles, which is fine with me.

I have felt a bit more relaxed this week too. I think about the marathon all the time but more at ease. I know the stress will kick in while I'm there, right now I'm just visualizing and preparing. I'm drinking water like crazy, taking all my vitamins and an extra Vitamin C. Sunday I'll start with Airborne and making myself sleep even earlier, rest is key for me. I function so much better when I feel better. 

Hope everyone has had an awesome Thursday!!