Thursday, October 9, 2014

Steamtown Marathon I've Arrived!!!

We are here!!!!!

We are settled into our hotel and oh man was it a long day of traveling. Everything worked out great, our flight was great, we had breakfast before we flew with James and his dad at a Friday's in the airport. Which by the way, does serve breakfast and it is pretty good.

I got egg whites with sausage and toast and breakfast potatoes. If you follow me on Instagram, you can total drool over it on there. I am too tired to go back and post it, lol. I enjoyed the toast and potatoes very much, carb loading is going to be nice for sure. BUT, I am starting to feel that bloated it kind of feeling, but then I have been drinking a lot more water to offset that as best as I can. It works.

Our flight was good, some bumps, but James and I watched a movie on his tablet. It was so nice to have him with me while we flew. Fun fact, this was the first time we ever flew together. I love traveling with him and while I normally read while I fly, it was nice to snuggle close and watch a movie.

Once we landed in Philly, we went and got our Rent A Car. What an ordeal that was. Holy expensive then what they said online, but we needed it and it worked out in the end. We got a red Ford Focus, which I am so loving right now. I have a 2003 Ford Focus and this is a nice upgrade. We hadn't ate in forever, we did split some protein bars, but not real food. So an hour driving we stopped at a service area and had Roy Rogers.

I was starving, I mean to the point, my energy level was so low. I was also getting to the point of Hangry! And we know that is not a fun state to be in. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, a side salad and some fries that I shared with James. I was starving and before I could even take a picture, I gobbled that bad boy right up.

We finally got to our hotel and went to CVS to get some water and snacks. I total picked up Dark Chocolate Almonds and Pitted Dates, which I will eat with some PB for a nice snack this weekend. The weather is kind of great. It is cold, but wow it feels so nice compared to the 90 degrees. I say that now, we will see after I run.

But I LOVE being able to bundle up in sweat shirts. Now James and I are all settled in to our room and heading to bed quite soon. I say this a lot lately but I cant believe we are here.

It flew by and now it is hitting me. It is really here, I am really doing this. No turning back now.