Thursday, October 23, 2014

WIN Review & A Giveaway

This post is sponsored through WIN detergent and SweatPink. I was given 2 bottles of WIN Detergent for testing purposes. My opinions are 100% my own.

Having a healthy lifestyle can be smelly. Training for a marathon and running a marathon, lead to clothes that just darn right stink and are caked with sweat. And when traveling for a marathon and leaving your stinky, VERY Stinky clothes in your suitcase, amongst other clothes, leaves so stinking too. That's where WIN Detergent came in and saved my smelly clothes.

My clothes were so bad, that it made all the other clothes in my suitcase just reek. I wasn't sure how I was going to get the smell out of them. WIN Detergent has made that possible. My boyfriend golfs and he can work up quite a sweat, and it worried me how I was going to get our clothes smelling good again. Because even in the regular laundry, that sweat smell really never comes out, especially when it is caked on.

After unloading all my clothes into the washer, I used the first load with the green bottle. The green bottle is Fragrance and Dye Free, since I was mixing multiple colors and pieces. The Blue bottle is the same formula, just better bottle, and doesn't have the dye or fragrance free. I didn't really see a difference between the two bottles, but we are not sensitive to detergent. But if you are sensitive to detergent's, then the green bottle is for you. The detergent is HE friendly and only a small cap full is needed for your load.

After my clothes were clean, they came out looking amazing and smelling great!! Just a clean, fresh scent.  I mean even the clothes that were thrown in the laundry along with my athletic clothes were perfect. Because lets be honest, if you had seen my laundry pile, I have NO time for sorting. 

This detergent is safe for all those problems. It eliminates all the odors from my clothing and doesn't mix it with the other clothes. I know can throw everything into one and get on with my life.

I have never really thought much about my running clothes and how they smell. But man, after cleaning them with WIN, it is a big difference. I know longer can smell that lingering stench that gets stuck in that Wiking material, you know that underlining smell of the fabric. I always noticed it in my Boyfriends golf clothes, you know that smell. NOT ANYMORE!!!

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If you work out hard, Sweat Hard, make sure your clothes Stay Fresh, so they can last as long as you can.

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Good luck and Smell Great
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