Thursday, October 16, 2014

Now What??!!

So now that the marathon is what???

It is weird but this is the longest I have gone with out running in probably over a year and all I have taken off what 4 days. I feel okay, I think probably because I am on a runner's high still from the marathon. I still feel like I am flying from all that I accomplished and did. But one nagging thought is now what?? What do I do now?

For months and months, I have dedicated every single moment to training. I had a routine and I had schedule. I never questioned what the day was going to bring or how it was going to play out. My life was nothing but running. And now, I don't have a goal or dream to strive for.

I guess that seems a little harsh, of course, I have goals and dreams to strive for, but nothing big like the marathon. I mean that training and big day was so far out of my comfort zone, where do you go when you reach the top???

I need to refocus on my weight loss for sure. I need to tone up what I have lost and get back to where I was before marathon training. To say marathon training made me loose weight is a complete lie. I gained during this process, 90% muscle but I did gain 7 pounds over the course of the 6 months, but if I am being honest, I probably have gained almost 11 this past year. Yes, a lot of it is muscle, I mean I have been running and running all year. I did the 2 day, 3 race day in February, then Iron Girl and then right into Marathon Training. Lots of intense running, which brought on intense hunger.

Did I always make the best choices or say I can eat this because I am running like crazy this week??!! Umm, I sure did, but now I have to retrain my body and mind to go back to how it was before, when I didn't eat all my activity points or weeklies. Or I didn't snack as much. To say it will be easy, again is a lie, but I am giving it my all. I am continuing with Weight Watchers for the rest of the year, then I think I might try counting calories or Macros, which I hear is quite successful. I am contiuning on with WW for the rest of the year because it is easy and I want to finish through. I have busy few months coming up with work and the holiday season and I know WW works very well for me during that time of year.

But I will need something new, something fresh. It is good to switch it up. So right now I am sticking with my 26 points a day, until January and will cut my ties with Weight Watchers after that. Not leaving the program completely, just taking a little break. I just don't want to live my life counting points all the time, you know. It was nice this week to take a little break, but I am not fully there yet, I have many flaws.

And as for running, well my focus right now is just to enjoy it. The weather is becoming amazing here in Florida and that is where I fall in love with running all over again. I want to love it all over again. No more training times and if I want to only run 3 days a week, or run just for two miles one day, then I will. I also will utilize my gym more in our apartment, focus more on stretching and yoga also. I do have the Turkey Trot in November and I want to focus on really hitting that sub 30 minute 5k. Starting back at the  beginning, where all my love of running began.

I do have that sad feeling of now what? But I know I will continue to run. I plan on a nice 3 miles on Sunday, but if I want to run for a long distance just because well then I will, no pressure. I know I love running, I love long distance running and sure I hit my long distance goal, now I am just running to keep me loving the long road.