Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe one. Over here in my world it is kind of blahhhhh!! I had a great day off yesterday but it has left me in all sorts of ways today. My stomach is kind of yucky, probably due to the most amazing sangria ever! And my knee was bothering me while I slept last night, so it kept me up.

I didn't sleep great and just woke up exhausted. Like I mentioned before, work is crazy and it just seems to be getting crazier. I am working and traveling all weekend and today it kind of just hit me. I had a plan to run and go to the gym after work, but man I got home and the couch was just calling my name. I knew this week was going to kick me straight in the face.

So I plan to make a great dinner, watch a Scary movie with James and get a good night sleep. I need it. Then tomorrow I plan to double up with a run and a gym work out, which I know my body needs that too.

A nice relaxing night and some serious couch time is what I really need!

Have a fun filled evening and weekend!!