Sunday, October 19, 2014

Getting Back to "Normal"

So I had this crazy thought, that once I was done with the marathon, my life, energy, etc would all go back to normal. Like, I would bounce right back....

Yeah, that does not happen. This whole week I have been dragging for sure. Not that I have had much rest anyway this week. Right after the marathon and days after, we were on the go, still on vacation. I have had one full day of rest, which was Thursday, which by the way was fantastic! I mean I laid around all day long, napped, and laid around and caught up completely on my DVR. It was glorious.

And then Friday, bam right back to work. Friday was a travel day at another store and it ended up being a 10 hour day. And then Saturday, finally back in my home store, with another 10 hour day. My body felt it yesterday. I am not sure if it was because of the flats I had on or just my tired legs, but they were killing me. I mean sharp pains up and down my left calf. It hurt so bad, I was hobbling around my store and had tears in my eyes. As many of you know, I work retail and we work a lot of single coverage, which means, I am the only one in the store and we NEVER sit down. Once the girl came in at 5:00, I sat down just to regain some strength in my legs.

I think I need to wear my sneakers for a bit, to get my feet back to normal. It was crazy, at that moment, I could tell, my legs needed more rest. They just weren't back to normal. I wish I could be one of those people, who can run a marathon and then the next day run more and just keep going. There have been days this week, I have struggled with walking and the idea of running, I just knew I would never make it. But I am not stopping. I told myself, I would give myself a full 7 days off of running and exercising, to build me back up and just get my mind straight again and it has been working.

Today, was the first Sunday in probably 6 months I have not had to be woken up by an alarm to run or a special engagement. Every Sunday for the last 6 months, I have either ran, worked or had a day after a wedding event or something going on. This is my first Sunday, completely off from anything and everything. It feels pretty damn amazing. I mean I love my Sunday runs, I really do, but I love to sleep in on Sunday's too and just stay in my PJ's and lounge around.

But the beauty of Sunday's from now on, is the weather is changing here in Florida, so I can sleep in and not feel so bad going for a run later on because it is much cooler, which oh man I love. I will still do my early morning runs on Sunday's but now to have the option is glorious. I have been thinking and I am liking the schedule of a run 4 days a week and then a gym day one. Or a run 3 days a week and gym two days. Its a schedule I can work around, it fits my schedule with my life and work. Plus it keeps me on a routine, which from the marathon training I have grown to love.

Also this weekend I have noticed besides the whole getting my body back to normal, trying to get my hunger back on track too. I have been doing pretty well with my points, I mean I have tapped into my weeklies a bit, but I have done quite well in my eyes. My problem is when I come home from work, I am starving and well I love to snack. And even though I am eating like pretzel thins or not full fat chips, I measure them out, I always want more. Before it didn't really care because I was running it off, now I know I have to watch myself much more.

So back to baking and my Hungry Girl books to keep me on track. So be prepared to see much more recipes coming this way :0)

Now off to get a massage and a pedicure!!!!