Thursday, October 9, 2014

Next stop on the Journey to 26.2, PA!!!

Okay so this post will be short and sweet because James and I are leaving for PA in about an hour!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

We are so freaking excited. I am beyond excited and now it is all starting to feel kind of real, like oh my gosh it is finally happening. I worked yesterday, which turned out to be a great day. And I walked out of the store feeling a 110% better leaving. All my ducks were in a row, dealt with some customer issues we had and I walked out and stress just went off of me.

My staff is pretty amazing and they all wished me good luck and hoped I had a good vacation. I said goodbye to my awesome co-workers and they of course sent me off with some great well wishes. I have been waiting for this moment forever and now it is finally here. I think I will feel even more real when we get to Scranton. Today we fly to Philly and then drive 2 hours to get to Scranton.

Hey, however long it takes I am there. We are both packed and ready to go. I am the worst and over pack like crazy because I never know how I am going to feel or what I really want to wear. Seriously I bring my whole closet. And this one is even worse because the weather is cold and this Florida girl, is not used to that.

So yesterday I ran my second to last training run. Just a quick 3 miles, still warm a bit yesterday morning, but it felt really good. My calf is still a little sore. I noticed a bruise or not, so I am not sure when I was doing that move for the new location, if I banged it and that is what is making it so sore, which would make sense. But all in all,  I am feeling pretty amazing.

I have been uptaking my carbs a bit, a little at a time. The only problem with work these last couple of days, we had been so busy, that I wasn't eating enough. Yesterday I ate hardly anything and felt it when I got home, my energy was shot. I mean lay on the couch and couldn't move. So it is true, food really does fuel you.

I do admit, I am ready after this week of vacation to get back on track. I don't think I will even weigh in when I get back, one because I wont have time and seriously I ran a marathon, who the heck cares right now.

Alright all my sweet, amazing readers, have a happy Thursday. I am sure I will check in later. Oh and if you want to follow along with my awesome marathon weekend journey, follow my Instagram : AngelinaA718

I post so much on there I forget to post here!!