Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another Date Night and First Run

Last night after work, I opted to surprise James at Happy Hour. We haven't had a night of happy hour or me enjoying dinner with a beer or wine in FOREVER!! I always said no because of the training. Last night after work, I had a bit of a craving for a ice cold beer. So I gave in and met him for dinner and drinks.

I had a blueberry ale with fresh blueberries in it. Amazing by the way! And grilled chicken breasts for dinner and maybe 1 too many pieces of bread. We had a great night and our good friend, Larry joined us too for the fun.

After dinner and probably because I hadn't had alcohol in forever, I was pretty exhausted and went to bed around 10:00! Super early for me! I figured since I was going to bed so early, I would be up today at 6! 

Yeah, I ended up sleeping in until 9:00! 11 hours of sleep! Granted I felt great today from all the sleep and finally felt well rested. So I set out to do 2 miles. 

My first post marathon run!! It felt good, I wasn't sore but getting my breathing back was different and it is still so hot here. At my 1 mile turn around, I headed back and then all of a sudden, I had stomach cramps and started dry heaving. I mean really bad! It was kind of scary.

I walked the rest home, still dry heaving and trying to calm down. I got home rushed to the bathroom and chugged a lot of water. I think I was dehydrated. 

I hadn't had anything to drink in over 12 hours really was not a good idea and didn't sit well. So my first run back was not great at all. I'll be back to it tomorrow and more water!!

I'm gonna attempt another 2 tomorrow. Just getting back to running and working out is gonna be tough but I'll do it, no plans just loving it.

The endorphins did feel really good though and sent energy right through me! I loved being back out there for sure.

Now a closing shift and my day off tomorrow.