Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekly Weigh In with a Loss

So today was much better than yesterday for sure. I got up super early for work because I knew I had a lot going on. I didn't sleep great last night, I tossed and turned a bunch but wasn't surprisingly tired this morning. I think my body is just super excited and anxious for the next couple of days.

My leg has been bothering me a bit today. It is my Achilles that is acting just kind of sore. I wore my inserts in my shoes today and did some stretches with it. It isn't a true pain, but I know it is there, so that is what bothers me. I am just resting when I can, ice, heat and stretching and positive thoughts. Nothing will take me away from that finish line, if I have to walk more then so be it. This happened before too and the rest, ice and stretching worked it out.

I am just ready to get through these next 9 hours of work tomorrow and then I know my body will fully rest. My mind has been all about work and making sure everything is good to go and today I accomplished that. I feel 100% okay leaving them and no worrying about dealing with anything while I am gone. I have to tidy up one thing and then it is focus on the marathon and having fun. I am also excited to see friends I haven't seen in forever, places where I used to live, my college and my old jobs.

This area where I am running is where I went to college, had my first real apartment and really started to become a adult with big responsibilities. This place is literally like my second home. I just want to take it all in.

Okay, also some pretty awesome news today too. I went to Weight Watchers and weighed in, since tomorrow I really wont get to. I went to the late meeting, which my leader is at. She was surprised to see me, since I have only been weighing in the mornings. She gave me a big hug and wished me luck, actually the whole meeting did. It really is an awesome feeling to have all these people being your support system. I weighed in and lost 1.6 pounds!!! WOOHOO!!!

Oh my god best feeling ever, especially since I have not ran a lot this week and had some major hunger still. And of course since we have like no fruits and veggies here, eating as been a bit different. I have been eating over my points and it seems to be working. To be honest, I am not tracking this next week. I am eating to fuel my body for the long run. I am not eating crap or going crazy and eating pizza, wings and ice cream. I am eating like I normally would, but a little bit more on the carb side.

Tonight we went out for BBQ because I have been dying for it, a wicked bad craving. So I had some protein, a little carb and fiber and some veggies. I need a big bowl of fruit though, I am dying for it, so I think I will swing by the grocery store after work and just pick up some for the day. I have been carb loading a bit today, not crazy and will start to amp it up a bit starting Thursday and then Friday and of course Saturday. Just meaning, I will have a bagel and sandwiches, which hello is totally fine with me.

And making sure I am eating something small about every 2-3 hours. Like some almonds, or a Questbar or an energy bar of some sort. Trial mix bars have been great for me.  Believe me I want to go all out and eat candy, all the bread in the world, you know all those cheat like items, but just because I am running a marathon does not mean I can eat like a crazy person, but I will get a cheesestake in Philly. Come on, that would be crazy not too.

I am also increasing my water intake like crazy. I need to stay super hydrated. Iced Green Tea at work has been perfect for me and my coffee in the morning and then water the rest and one or two diet cokes. I love my diet coke.

Alright so that is where I am at today, now some rest, some bed and a second to last run tomorrow morning :0)