Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Awesome Sunday, Date Night and Soup

Well I can say I am feeling pretty good this week so far. After my amazing day off on Sunday, I mean it was amazing. I went and got a massage, which was a gift from my Mom and my Aunt for completing the marathon. And when I tell you it was fantastic, isn't even a lie. But I will post about that later, because it is worth a post all its own. After feeling so relaxed and my muscles nice and warm, I went and got a pedicure, which oh man did I need one. I seriously don't know the last time I got one, it has been that long. Then I spent the after relaxing, laying on the couch with a book, Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult, which is one of her older books, but it is really good.

I have also been sleeping great lately. I mean so good, that is getting harder to get up. I have been so tired in the morning and I think the reason is because last week was so busy, I mean I had no down time last week after the marathon, I was a busy bee. So I think it is all catching up with me, which I expected a whole lot. I knew it was going to sometime and it has. But I am working my way through it.

Monday, I was thinking about running, but I had to be to work early and since I hadn't been there in quite sometime, I needed to be there bright and early. James and I decided since we both work retail that our date nights happen during the week, rather than on the weekend. So, last night we had the best date night, it was perfect for a Monday blues, or Monday craziness. I didn't even feel guilty about running, this is the idea of sometime off, just enjoying the little moments in life.

We went to Panera Bread for dinner and I had their Autumn Squash soup and the Turkey and Cranberry Flatbread sandwich. Which that whole combination was amazing!!! That soup is to die for. Seriously, if you love Fall items, this is the soup for you. It was creamy, a bit sweet and oh so delicious. I paired it with the Whole Grain Sprout roll they suggested and the flatbread sandwich was pretty good. I felt like it was missing something though, it had turkey, spinach, cranberry and light mayo. Which it was tasty but the flatbread seemed a bit much, I might try it on a whole wheat bread next time. 

Seriously get the soup..

I am already thinking when I can get it again.

After our dinner we went to the movies. HELLO, a MOVIE NIGHT, for us is a big deal, we couldn't even remember the last movie we saw together was. That's sad. I love going to the movies and James not so much. We went to see Gone Girl, which was amazing also! I mean just like the book. The characters in the book and the actors portrayed them perfectly. The images I seen in my head were exactly what played out on the big screen. 

Ben Affleck was a perfect Nick Dunne and Rosemund Pike was a great Amy! I mean she did awesome. I loved the movie from start to end, James wasn't all too impressed with the ending, which if you read or saw the movie, you know the drill. But I was in love with it, well done!

We enjoyed some awesome movie popcorn, no butter and had a great date night. It felt so nice to get away from our norm. I believe you should do this at least once a week, something different, we are really working on this and it is helping our relationship a lot.

So today, I have committed it is back to running. I WILL run after work today, the weather is better and I can run after work and not die of heat anymore.

Hope everyone has had a great start to their week also!!