Sunday, October 26, 2014

Best of Me, Panera and Running

Good Sunday Evening!!

Had to post because I had another pretty fantastic day off today and got my mind frame back in action!! 

I hit up Bath and Body Works after my last morning. Darn them and their awesome coupons they send me. I hate to see a coupon not be used 😉

Then I went to Panera Bread for lunch. I really wanted the Autumn Squash soup but I looked up the points and it is 7pp for a cup!! While it is delicious, for a lunch 7pp for one item is a bit high, since I wanted a salad too. I had originally pre-tracked my lunch. Woohoo for me getting back into the swings of things.

I had picked the Fiji Apple salad but when I walked in, I saw on the pick 2 you can now have the power chicken hummus bowl as a YPT!!

What!! I was ecstatic! It is one of my favorite salads. The hummus is soooo good! I immediately went with that choice and chicken noodle and an apple.

After I had my love affair with Panera I went across the street and took myself on a date to the movies to see Best of Me. 

I snuck in snacks..

Good tip.. Bring a lollipop!! Way less points and calories and last a long time! My new favorite movie snack. The popcorn was perfect and I measure out 2 cups for 4pp. And my pop for 2pp. I did buy a Diet Coke. 

The movie was great!!! Really, really good!! I read the book awhile ago and it was just like it. I cried, it is a tearjerker!! Bring tissues! I love going to the movies and so glad that there are some really good movies out there AND I have gone twice in a week, that never happens!!

Gone Girl and Best of Me I both amazing movies and books, do yourself a treat and see the movies AND read the books!

After the movie, a tad bit sad from it, I came home and took an afternoon na. Yup, no shame! The. I woke up and ran. I still got my run in.

Each time I'm getting a little bit stronger and faster and feeling better. The marathon two weeks ago has left an imprint on my heart and my life. Every time I ran while training, I visioned what it would be like to cross that finish line.. Now I think back to how amazing it felt.

Those miles changed me in so many ways. It showed me everything is possible and I can get it done. 

I'm forever changed! 

I'm loving these 3 mile runs. I will go further but right now I'm happy with getting back to it. I have the turkey trot next month and would love to do it under 36 minutes, so I'm working towards that goal, I suppose! 

My day off attire! Hope of you were off you enjoyed yours also!  Here's to a good week!