Saturday, October 25, 2014

Got 3 Runs In

Alright I survived my first full week back in the real world.

Meaning, getting off of the cloud 9 of my marathon.

Hahaha. Who am I kidding?? I sat on that cloud all week and then some. My Proof pictures came in, I got frames at work and have been putting up pictures all over the apartment. Thankfully James really doesn't care how I decorate or what I do with the apartment.

I decorated for Halloween and he didn't even notice one bit. So me putting up pictures, here and there, he wont even notice. I am seriously obsessed with the fact that I have ran a marathon. I want everything and anything 26.2. Hint, Hint to all my friends and family reading :0)

I did go back to WW this week. I weighed in on Tuesday, bad idea, it was not the best weigh in. I gained. BUT not as much as I thought I would. I have been working hard this week to get back on track, but good old mother nature invited Aunt Flo over for the week. I mean really??!!!

And Aunt Flo is a total Beeoch!!! I tried to go back running on Wednesday. I made it to a little over 1.50 miles and I started dry heaving, as stated in previous posts. Then Thursday, I had the problem with Subway. So Friday, I woke up with cramps like you wouldn't believe and then bam it all made sense. I always get like this before my period and sure enough. Yesterday, feeling like absolute crap, I mean so bad. I didn't run. I mean I was doubled over in pain and had to get Midol.

This morning the same thing. I woke up out of my sleep with the worst cramps, that I couldn't even fall back to sleep. I couldn't even move out of bed, I just laid there. I wanted to run in the morning because the weather is so nice in the morning. But I just couldn't. The weather has been so nice and cool, so I knew after work, it would still be worth it.

I love being able to run after work now without the heat. The only problem is having the drive to want to do it. I tend to have a little bit of a slower pace at night, but it is nice for me to just unwind and clear my head after a long day of work. I usually get 2-4 miles in, I like to sit in the 3 miles. Today, I got it done. I went out and just took in the weather and ran. I am not using my GymBoss for the time being. I am just running and enjoying it and walking when needed.

It wasn't too bad getting out there again. My legs still feel a bit heavy, but I am getting a bit of speed back, which is throwing off my breathing, but gosh it is so nice to just go. I do love the idea of being to sleep in now and just heading out after work, it just seems to work for me.

My plan this week is to run 4 days and then 3 rest days or 4 run days and one gym day and two rest days. I think the second one will work, but no pressure too it. I am also going to use the gym after my runs too, since it is right on our property.

I can say, I am getting back to normal, slowly but getting there!

Happy Saturday.