Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Sunday Well Spent...

I believe 120% to this saying!! I love it and it is so true. I have been really believing and living to this each week also.

My Sunday's used to be up at 4:00 am and then running lots and lots of miles. Coming home, hungry, tired and sore. I would spend the rest of my day, laying around, napping and eating. Maybe some errands run here and there, laundry, but really nothing else too exciting. I did throw a baseball game in there or a function of some sort, but really, it revolved mainly around running and how I was feeling after.

I take my days off from work, quite serious. I like to get things done and enjoy them as much as possible, but I also like to relax and be lazy. It is weird for me because sometimes on my days off, they seem like much more of another work day. This year and going forward, I am really trying to find a balance with it all. I have seen numerous of my friends and bloggers using this as their word for 2015 and I really love it. I mean seriously think about it, how nice would it be just to BALANCE it all through the year.

Sit back and think about all you do and want to do and then think how hard it truly it is and trying to find the time and balance to do it all. While we are only 11 days into the new year, I am working pretty hard at that. I guess where I am going with this is, is on Sunday's, well Sunday's I am using to just do whatever and not take my days off as another day to get stuff done, but a day to enjoy it all.

I am a planner. I love plans. I love writing lists. I write lists at work, for bills, for blog posts, for practically anything. I have about 3 planners, one for personal, which I use to write my to-do's and bills to pay, 1 more work for traveling purposes, stores to see, things to get done and then my 3rd, I am working on that one. I want to use it has a planner for work outs and running, I am just not sure the path of it yet. I also have a finanical planner I bought last year, never used it, I am going to bust that one out this year.

So my Sunday, I write all the things I have to do for the week. Things I would like to do and food and such to get. Now some things I do every week, so it is the same, but I get joy and accomplishment when I write it down and then cross it off. I know sounds a bit crazy, but I love it!!!

My Sunday mornings are a bit different now. I like sleeping in a bit, I like waking up to a cup of coffee and sit down breakfast. I like coming to my computer and getting some blogging and other things out of the way and I like planning my day and week.

Then, I give myself a little bit and then go for a run around the neighborhood with my headphones and thoughts. While I love my early morning Sunday Long runs and I will get them in for sure, at least once a month, right now I am enjoying just the no pressure of it all.

 Then I kind of do whatever. Like today, I went to Sports Authority and signed up for The Gasparilla Distance Classic 8k...

I am excited about running this one because I love the vibe, the atmosphere, the route, the excitement and the EXPO of these races. The EXPO is seriously the best. I am usually off the day of it and go down early to get all the goodies! This year I am just running the 8k because I am ready to have just run with races and doing the Challenge puts on a lot of pressure and seriously after the marathon and marathon training and training for the 3 race challenge last year, it put a lot of pressure on me and I want just FUN! And a lot of people I know are running this one also this year, which makes it even better!

After registering, I called James to see if he had a break coming soon and he did, so I treated him to Panera! We don't get to have lunch together often, or really at all, so it was nice we were able to do so together. We are really making some changes with each other and so far it has been going quite well. Tonight we are going to their Holiday Party also. Should be fun and they have a make your own margarita section. I ran those 5 miles just for that!!

I also went to CVS to stock up on some essentials and that has been my Sunday.

I could have done some meal prep, I could baked my protein bars I wanted, laundry, etc, but my day off was exactly how I wanted it to be. I will make those items this week anyway,  but I started this week off quite nicely if I do say so!!

Hope yours was just as great!!!