Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Day Off That Awakens The Soul

Okay so this post has really nothing to do with running, a little chewing, and a whole lot of sparkle though. Yesterday was one of my best days off in a long time. My best friend from back home, LeaAnn and her boyfriend came to Florida for the week. They flew into Fort Myers, which is about 2.5 hours from me and since I was working the beginning of the week, we met up half way, which was in Sarasota at Siesta Key Beach.

I have been wanting to go to that beach so bad for some time, it was voted the best beach in the USA and it really was. It was gorgeous and we could not have had a better day. We spent almost 5 hours on the beach, just laughing, walking up and down it, grabbed a bite to eat with a quick drink and got tons of sun. I mean a lot of sun. I got super burnt. I did not use the right sunscreen, like I should have, but the fun we had was worth the burn.

Breakfast on the go, Vitamuffin and a Protein Shake and an apple. Also I had a sinus headache again, so sinus medicine was much needed.

I felt really good in my swimsuit too. Despite the gain the day before, I know I am headed in a really good direction.

We had such a fun day. They were loving the warm weather, since it was below 30's in PA where they live.

And the aftermath of the sun.. hahaha.

Feeling so great from such a great day off, that James decided to take use out to dinner for a mid week Date Night. Our goal this year is to get  back to us and having a nice random night off during the week will get us there.

We went to Romano's Macaroni Grill for dinner, we had pretty great gift card too. We split an app and I got a sangria. Sadly it was not that great, I have had way better. I got their Carmela's Chicken dish which was with pasta. It was basically like Chicken Marsala with pasta. Fun fact, I used to hate chicken marsala but it was my dad's favorite dish of all time. He would order it everywhere we went. I used to never get it because of the mushrooms, but last night it seriously was calling to me. 

And it was AMAZING!!!!!!! So delicious. I limited myself and even put some in a to go box, so I wouldn't eat the whole thing. I got a small dessert, just because. Moderation is key.

Wine was good and we were happy...

He is too much!

I don't spend days off like this often. Usually, I am running, reading, blogging, grocery shopping, cleaning and doing laundry. It was so nice to put it aside and just enjoy a day off because.

Today, was the same day. I got up, had a great sit down breakfast...

Catch up on my DVR, I got a run in, a work out in the gym, which left my dripping in sweat, then I went to lunch with my good friend Melissa, which is soooo nice to catch up with her. Then I came home, took a nice nap, then James and I went to BJ's brewhouse for some happy hour. I, of course went to Target, which is next door, but those finds will be for tomorrow's post.

My advice is enjoy your days off once in awhile. Put everything else aside and focus on you.