Sunday, January 4, 2015

Refocused, Recharged and Ready!!

My five day vacation has reached its final day....

But it has been a great one for sure. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to take some time off after the holiday, due to staffing, but I am so grateful for the team I have in place that I was indeed able too and I needed it so bad.

These last five days have been truly fantastic and to some they might seem boring or lazy, but to me it was just what I wanted. I laid around a bunch, I read magazines I have piled up, cleaned up our apartment, did a crap load of laundry, went shopping a lot, the movies with Nanci to see WILD. Which by the way was fantastic!!! But read the book before hand.

I got some running in and got plenty of naps. At least one a day!! Which on my days off, those are a most. I really truly enjoyed my time off, I even have read two books. Now I am ready to go back to work, even though I mean who really wants too.

Sure there were more things I could have done, I could have gone to the beach, the pool, taken down our Christmas decorations, baked and cooked more, but I mean this was my time to just unwind.

I did get some running in, which is a plus and a given for me. I had dedicated to doing a 1000 miles this year and with different races, it will be fun to see that happen. Speaking of that, Nanci asked me if I wanted to run The Best Damn Race Jacksonville virtually with her and Corinna today, it was a half marathon. I literally didn't even think about it and instantly said yes.

Amazing, right away I said great and signed up. There was once a time, that idea would have scared me. Today was the day we were running the half. A part of me was scared because I haven't ran that long since the full on October 12. I wasn't sure how my body was going to respond and I know my endurance was not the same. Plus it would be the first time, I wouldn't do it not using Jeff Galloway. But I sucked it up and went out to just have fun.

I mean as Nanci and Corinna state, it is just running.

And it was the best choice I have made this whole mini vacation. It felt amazing waking up today and getting back into routine, even the early morning alarm. I was craving it more than I thought. I loved getting ready, have my waffles and PB and driving to the meeting spot. I brought along my water pack because I knew there weren't many water places along the route. But there were those bridges, which I knew were going to be tough. Again I haven't done anything hard since October.

My left knee started bothering me the other day and I feared it was going to happen today...and well it did!

I have never had knee problems, calf problems, yes, but not knees when it came to running. Except today. My pace was definitely a lot slower and I could feel it. Ironically Nanci, god bless her, she was having the same pain, if not worse. That lady was a trooper, seriously she motivated me the whole time. I know my pain is due to shoes, I need ones desperately now, but despite our "injuries" we never once thought about quitting or stopping, we walked a bit more than usual, but hell we got it done and our medal is on its way.

We freaking earned that bad boy!!

My theory on running this year is just having fun, getting miles in for the joy of it and the pain. No training plans, no crazy work weeks and running, just taking mile by mile. I want to run at least 13.1 once a month, just to prove myself and I want a sub 30 min 5k, so I will work towards that, but nothing big and due to finances, I will be just doing the Gasparilla 8k, not the 4 races.

Now that frees up money for shoes and goodies at the Expo!!

Oh and I also got a hair cut.

So my time off has been so great. I think it has been the best way to kick off the new year.