Monday, January 26, 2015

I am NOT 21 Anymore...

Happy Monday!!! And I am off and running to a great start this Monday. But man oh man did I have a rough day yesterday. I was excited that it was Monday, so I could start fresh and new.

I'll back it up a bit...

Saturday night James and I both got out at a decent time from work and decided to do something fun for the night. We both were going to be off on Sunday, so it would be perfect to go and just unwind and chill out and let loose a bit. We ended up going bowling, which was such an awesome date night.

We had a freaking blast!!!

I made a comeback!!

Hoping for a strike....

And got it!!!

We BOTH did back to back!!

And I kicked his butt again..

It was all because of the pink ball!!

Even though he lost, I'm gonna keep him..

After a fun 4 rounds of bowling, James's friend Rich came and met up with us. We were enjoying pitchers of beer and the Miller Lite was tasting like heaven to me. I don't know if it was the atmosphere or really the beer, but it was going down like water and tasted great. We were hungry and didn't order dinner, so we got food, which was surprisly good. I got a grilled chicken sandwich and James got tenders and fries. I munched a couple ;0)

Once we were a bit tired out from bowling, we figured the night was young and went downtown with his friend. Well, this little lady, rarely goes out or stays up pretty late, but we were having a great time and truly did not want the night to end. We ended up at a couple of bars downtown, more beer and then the boys introduced some shots. See shots always seem like a great time at the time, but ugghhh.

Before leaving and heading home and got pizza at probably one of the greatest pizza places in St. Pete, Fortunatos. OMG such good pizza and even though being drunk, yes, I can say I was drunk, anything really taste good, but the pizza was on point. Now, remember too, I do not eat or drink like this ever, so my body was in for a shock.

And boy did I get it..

Yesterday, I woke up with first the biggest headache of my life. I mean literally I felt like some cut my head right open and then well you can guess it...
Everything I ate and drank, well came right back to haunt me..

It was horrible and I felt horrible, looked horrible, just HORRIBLE.

Thankfully, I was off and James took care of me all day. He never gets sick from drinking, damn him. I went pretty hard on Saturday  night and shocked the hell out of my system and this seriously is a ONE time of year event. I never get crazy, or drink or eat like that in one night and this is why...
I am not 21 anymore lol.

I can not handle those drinks and shots and food. Back when I was 21 I could and felt okay and I had no problem the next morning and I would probably make even more bad choices, but yesterday, ughhh. I couldn't even keep down water at one point.

I spent the day, completely and without a doubt hungover. BUT you know what, I had an amazing time out with James and his friend. We really had so much fun, it was really nice to just let loose, not care about anything and go a little crazy, but mainly together.

BUT next time, yeah I am sticking to what I know.

The funny thing is how much you realize you have changed. I mean I used to eat and drink and all of that up until 4 years ago. And I had no problem with it. The next day, I would be hurting a bit, but I would just lay around, probably order some burger and fries to soak it all back up and party hard again. Yesterday, first I was like the walking dead, and I was mad that I felt so bad and couldn't run, or the idea of eating fruit or veggies, made me gag. I was upset that I wasted the whole day away, when actually it was so nice to do nothing, despite the feeling of hell.

I am glad I am on the path I am on. BUT I am also glad that I can reflect back on how far I have come and EVEN more glad, that I can have nights like this and bounce back the following, following day and be right where I was, with lots of water and healthy living.

And I am glad he is along for the ride.

So today, I started back with my breakfast and lunch...


Even though my stomach was feeling a bit wacky!!

So lesson learned, I am NOT 21 anymore, I am glad I am not, BUT respect and happy, I can still have a good time like no other, just no more praying to the porcelain God lol